Book-In-Focus: The Hilarious World of Depression by John Moe

“ A funny, honest book about depression, and what you can do despite it.”

—Neil Gaiman

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About the Book

For years John Moe, critically-acclaimed public radio personality and host of The Hilarious World of Depression podcast, struggled with depression; it plagued his family and claimed the life of his brother in 2007.

As Moe came to terms with his own illness, he began to see similar patterns of behavior and coping mechanisms surfacing in conversations with others, including high-profile comedians who’d struggled with the disease. Moe saw that there was tremendous comfort and community in open dialogue about these shared experiences and that humor had a unique power. Thus was born the podcast The Hilarious World of Depression.

Inspired by the immediate success of the podcast, Moe has written a remarkable investigation of the disease, part memoir of his own journey, part treasure trove of laugh-out-loud stories and insights drawn from years of interviews with some of the most brilliant minds facing similar challenges.

Throughout the course of this powerful narrative, depression’s universal themes come to light, among them, struggles with identity, lack of understanding of the symptoms, the challenges of work-life, self-medicating, the fallout of the disease in the lives of our loved ones, the tragedy of suicide, and the hereditary aspects of the disease.

Reviews and What Readers Say

“ [A] path to deeper understanding and openness, by way of laughter in the dark."

—The New York Times Book Review

“ ...Filled with heart, humor and hope."


“ Candid and funny and intimate."

—Susan Orlean

“ Depression is no laughing matter, but radio personality John Moe makes it accessible... While you'll be laughing throughout, you'll also have a few 'a-ha' moments in the mix." —Chicago Tribune

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The Hilarious World of Depression by John Moe

304 pages

ISBN 978-1250209283

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John Moe has served as host of national public radio broadcasts such as Weekend America, Marketplace Tech Report and, from 2010- 2015, Wits. His reporting has been heard on All Things Considered, Morning Edition, Marketplace, Day to Day, and more. His writing appears in humor anthologies, The New York Times Magazine, McSweeney’s, and The Seattle Times. He’s a much in-demand public speaker and the author of multiple books, including The Hilarious World of Depression.

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