Book Talk: Away To Me, My Love: A Sheepdog's Tale of Two Lives by Naomi McDonald

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A story of friendship, destiny, and soul entanglement between a horse trainer named Naomi and her dog called Luke is Naomi McDonald's novel, Away to Me, My Love: A Sheepdog's Tale of Two Lives.

It is a true story of a friendship between two souls and their evolution throughout their journey. This story is thought-provoking, heartwarming, and will challenge how we interact with the world and ourselves.

Even before she met Luke, Naomi was told that the dog was not a good fit to compete in herding competitions. Luke was quiet, shy, and not exactly the type of dog for the job. Other dogs fit the bill better. Even with this warning and although it doesn't make sense at that time, Naomi firmly said that she wanted the shy one. She had a deep affection for the dog even before they met.

Following her heart's voice, Naomi and Luke navigated the world of herding competitions together. Although they have encountered obstacles and even enemies along the way, Naomi and Luke trudged on.

Away to Me, My Love is an endearing story of a bond between two creatures that began even before they met. The story explores the world of herding competitions, a world that many readers will find interesting to get a glimpse of. More than that, Naomi and Luke's story opens the readers up to a spiritual journey that reveals how things fall into place, even those that do not make sense at the start.

As they progress in the world of herding competitions, Naomi also ventures into a journey that would lead her to shamanic healing, animal communication, and beings that are beyond what meets the eye. In this journey, Naomi faces her past life pain and childhood trauma. More importantly, she also discovers her strength and regains her peace with the help of her loved ones, spiritual teachers, and her "handsome man," Luke.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Naomi McDonald has released a book based on her experience with her Border Collie, Luke, and competing in Herding. This book looks at the ups and downs of owning a BC, being a newcomer to Herding competitions and her journey healing her past. I enjoyed the journey, cried tears, and have thought a lot since reading this book. I recommend it for those with an open mind, thinking about a different path in dog sports and who enjoy the love of a great dog along the journey. "

— Kimberly Sykes, Amazon Reader's Review

" There is something so very special about the bond between Naomi and her Border Collie, Luke. The story grips you from start to finish. I didn't want it to end. Very, very heartwarming. Do yourself a favor and read the extraordinary story of love and devotion."

— K.R. Benny, Amazon Reader's Review

" Love the story. I cried and laughed. I didn’t want to stop reading this book. Wanted to get to the end to see what Luke did. I could see this book become a movie."

Amazon Reader's Review

Book Talk: Top Tier Leadership: A Thirty Day Leadership Journey by Rob Manning_The BookWalker

Away To Me, My Love: A Sheepdog's Tale of Two Lives by Naomi McDonald

236 Pages

ISBN 978-1982231040

Review by K Manis

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From the author;

While my friends were laughing at my precious memories of my time with Luke, I would think, “I need to write them down.” Quickly, I put those thoughts aside with the excuse, “I don’t know how to write. You’re too old to learn.”

Because of Luke, I realized that my negative self-talk had been sabotaging my life. That past life trauma can affect a current lifetime. Many of the lessons are woven into our story.

Eventually, I studied animal communication. As unlikely as it sounds, one of the most gratifying pieces of my job is helping animals and their humans at the time of transition. The Luke Speaks portion of the epilogue combines years of hearing the same sentiments from the animals, such as: “It was like taking off a painful coat. Or that after the physical body dies, the spirit, still very much alive.” Countless clients and their pets spoke of how much my sessions helped them. As a result, I wrote the Luke Speaks portion of the story first.

Luke’s story spanned twelve years. I took four years and three editors to complete the actual writing. We are never too old or know too little to write about our passion.

Naomi McDonald Lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She's a mother of one, grandmother of two, dog mom of two, and the happy wife of one. Naomi uses her animal communication skills to benefit several rescue organizations. As a shaman and teacher, Naomi loves using true life stories to demonstrate principles and personalize learning.

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