Book Talk: Top Tier Leadership: A Thirty Day Leadership Journey by Rob Manning

Book Talk: Top Tier Leadership: A Thirty Day Leadership Journey by Rob Manning_The BookWalker

Top Tier Leadership: A Thirty Business and success can be a challenging path to navigate for even the most experienced, the wealthiest, or for the well-educated. Leaders in business are often faced with the responsibility of making difficult decisions. With these challenges, can Christians still thrive in the competitive, cut-throat, and complex business world?

For author and founder of One Heart Global Ministries, Robert Manning, Christians can not only thrive in the business world, but they can also succeed. The Bible offers a lot of insights and principles on leadership that Christians can use to be able to lead and impact the organizations they are a part of with excellence. Manning writes about these principles in his book, Top Tier Leadership: A Thirty Day Leadership Journey.

Manning summarizes his brand of leadership in three tenets. The first is to know the right thing. The Bible is a guide for every believer in navigating life, including work and leadership. Second, Manning believes in doing the right thing. The best way for Christians to "preach" is through their actions. Even people who do not believe in God are drawn to Godly leaders. Third, is to have fun. Having fun is important for leaders and their followers, as it is an essential part of our humanity.

With these imperatives, Manning takes the readers on a thirty-day walk-through, biblically-based leadership attributes that every Christian needs to equip themselves in the corporate world. He writes about his own experiences as a leader, his successes and failures, and looks at it from the scripture's perspective.

Top Tier Leadership strengthens a believer's foundation to be prepared to face the challenges they will meet at work and become a blessing to their organizations. Christians stand out because of their actions, lifestyles, and choices. This should be true for Christians in leadership.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" If you are a leader, you need this book. It lays out a clear path of success and integrity as you lead YOUR employees, or group, or even friends at school.If you aspire to be a leader, you need this book. Shape your mind from the beginning, to what is most important - and it starts before you ever step foot in that position, or enter your office; and continues after the last person in your employ, or sphere of influence, has left for the day.If you are not a leader, and do not aspire to be, you need this book. Everybody cannot be, nor want to be, a leader [somebody has to follow]. However, the principles in this book, “Top-Tier Leadership” set the stage for you to be even the best follower; to follow directions clearly, to make any leader glad they have you on their team.I am not a leader. I aspire to be the best follower; to be an asset to an already great leader. I bought and received this book three days ago [now]. It is already changing the way I think, how I want to be at work, and how I run my daily affairs. While reading Rob’s book, I’ve already had some stunned moments of: “swooooooshhhh...I don’t have that kind of integrity yet. ”This book is written by my friend, Robin Manning. There are so many things in his life that have already caused me to say: “wow! I want THAT!” His giving, his caring ways, his love for getting God’s Word to far-reaching people, and his down-to-earth way of just being; you would not know ANY of this on the surface. Along with the love of his life, Susan Manning {who just happens to be my friend too☺️} they make the best team to get ANYTHING done.I’m sorry to go on and on....just buy the book!! I promise, you’ll be SO glad you did!! "

— Katrina Palmer White, Amazon Reader's Review

" Over the past few years, I had the chance to work with Rob at his alma mater. While I have worked with a lot of smart people and good leaders, Rob had a way of leading people that struck me as different. Part of it was his servant mind set and part of it was his humble approach to problem solving. It was all good. I had to read the book and I believe it captures what I witnessed first hand. The book inspired me and now I'm enjoying sharing it with others as an example of what top tier leadership really looks like!"

— Brian Campbell, Amazon Reader's Review

" Whether you are leading a multinational company or a family or just yourself, Top Tier Leadership is a must read! Rob's writing style is plain and to the point! I have bought copies for friends and am encouraging them to join me in reading this timely book."

—R. B. Hodgson, Amazon Reader's Review

Book Talk: Top Tier Leadership: A Thirty Day Leadership Journey by Rob Manning_The BookWalker

Top Tier Leadership: A Thirty Day Leadership Journey by Rob Manning

158 Pages

ISBN 978-1973682677

Review by K Manis

Disclosure: This article is a personal endorsement of the professional reviewer. The BookWalker is disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

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Rob Manning led thousands of men and women at Duke Energy, the Tennessee Valley Authority, and the Electric Power Research Institute. He retired after nearly forty years in the electric power industry, though he still serves as a member of the Board of Trustees for the North American Electric Reliability Corporation. Manning is the President of One Heart Global Ministries, an Ecuadorian-focused mission organization. Rob and his wife, Susan, remain active at Hickory Grove Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, where Rob serves as a deacon, teaches Sunday school, and sings in the church choir.

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