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A thoughtful collection of poems about life viewed through the lens of love, hope, and gratitude is Robert G. Yeager's Poems by Gill: Reflections of Life & Love. This collection speaks to the joys and trials of living and loving. It explores an individual experience as well as its similarities across humankind.

Yeager's poems are melodic as they are decisive. It paints pictures and shows the readers a slice of life frozen in time. Other times, it shares emotion and wisdom that resonates, wherever in life, you may be.

In his poem, "Of Life", he reflects on what gives life its beauty, sorrow, and mystery. It takes stock of how these three become our individual encounters and the sum of our experiences. Without one, life would not be the same. Without sorrow, our outlook on beauty and our concept of mystery is diminished. The absence of beauty and mystery does the same as well.

I Need You, Yeager's poem about longing, is addressed to one's missing piece to life. He speaks not only of someone that makes life beautiful but it is also of someone who makes him alive and the reason to keep living. Between the lines of this poem is an emotion so strong that it can only come from past, present, and future aches experienced at the same time.

His work, Ode to Dr. King, speaks on how a man has changed the course of history and millions of lives. Dr. King exposed a nation for its wrongs and roused many to stand up for what is right. The world may not have changed much from Dr. Martin's time and now, but he has set an example that we must not back down from standing up for equal rights for all.

Poems by Gill is for readers who want to experience life as a lyrical adventure. Those who are not afraid to explore depths of emotion and accept our differences and sameness.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" There is a delicate balance in prose that holds the reader. There is language that colorfully paints beautiful scenes of life through the eyes of gratitude and love while tenderly exposing the hardship from which the experience grew. Beautiful are your reflections!"

— Yakman, Amazon Reader's Review

" This is a thoughtful, well written , insightful set of poems that I read and imagine what he must be like."

—Francis Sutton, Amazon Reader's Review

" A touching lyrical adventure for the reader of Mr. Yeager's poems. A collection of thoughtful writings that expose the distinct and timeless sameness of humankind, rather than our differences."

—Peter Johnstobn, Amazon Reader's Review

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Poems by Gill: Reflections of Life & Love

122 Pages

ISBN 978-1496946195

Review by Deborah Bloom

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Robert Gill Yeager was born in Pittsburgh, PA, on July 28th, 1959. He was orphaned at birth to a 54-year-old African-American father and 27-year-old German/Irish mother, who gave him up at birth due to his race and her family's inability to care for Robert as a multiracial child. Robert grew up in various foster homes and institutions, enduring years of emotional trauma, and multiple physical abuse incidents. Yet thru it, all Robert decided, early on, to not let his experiences defeat him but rather make him stronger from each passing experience, seeking out and embracing the good in life. Robert also was blessed and inspired by the many people of all races who helped care for him along his journey in life, many selfless acts of kindness that still stay with Robert's soul. After graduating from high school, Robert joined the United States Navy, where he gained further/deeper insights into life that he had accumulated from his youth. After being discharged from the Navy, Robert returned to Pittsburgh to leave Pittsburgh again in 1984 (to Los Angeles, CA) after his break up with his girlfriend of 18 months. After experiencing 6 months of homelessness in L.A., Robert's calling to Poetry was answered as Robert wanted to share with others his life's experiences as a source of strength and inspiration. Robert eventually settled in L.A. and published his book in 2014, hoping to always inspire others to NEVER GIVE UP and always love yourself and others.