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Gramma Golden’s Bird Lady Meets Mort and Ort in “It’s a Great Day for Walking the Beach!” is another exciting adventure that follows Bird Lady and her friends Mort and Ort Aahkamort, a pair of brightly colored talking birds.

In early June, Mort and Ort visited Bird Lady and gave her practical gardening lessons. They taught her how to make her garden a more welcoming and safer place for wildlife visitors, such as birds, bees, and butterflies. Months after their visit, the gardens have noticeably changed. There were brighter, more vibrant colors, and wildlife thrived everywhere. The townspeople and drive-by visitors noticed the differences too, and Bird Lady was always happy to share gardening tips to those who cared to listen. However, she couldn’t let other people know who—or what—Mort and Ort were for fear of being ridiculed. Besides, she knew she was well past her prime. Didn’t the Bird Lady perhaps dream Mort and Ort? She hadn’t seen them since, and with the cold winters months right around the corner, maybe she never would again.

The thought of winter had Bird Lady flying far south to warm beaches and climes, with her trusty, tall hand-carved walking stick made to look like a giraffe. She called her precious stick Ebenezer, and when she finally took the trip to the beach, Ebenezer was her only companion. That was until Bird Lady heard an all-too-familiar voice say, “It’s a great day for walking the beach!” Before she even spotted them, she was already overcome with joy. Her eyes began to overflow with tears. Mort and Ort were finally back.

The second installment in the Bird Lady series is just as enjoyable as the first. It has beautiful illustrations waiting to be filled with colors and has another set of valuable lessons for kids and adults alike. This time, Mort and Ort taught Bird Lady how harmful human actions affect marine wildlife and shorebirds. By the end of their visit, Bird Lady has made it her mission to educate others and help save and preserve the oceans and all marine life forms. Indeed, another educational story that doesn’t skimp on fun and entertainment. Readers will absolutely enjoy Grandma Golden’s Bird Lady Meets Mort and Ort in “It’s a Great Day for Walking the Beach!”

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" Lovable Gramma! I love the first book! and I love the second! How my little one listened with wonders.

—Sophia A, The BookWalker

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BBird Lady Meets Mort and Ort in It’s a Great Day for Walking the Beach! by Gramma Golden

52 Pages

ISBN 978-1524668624

Review by A. Alcott

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Gramma Golden is a retired Registered Nurse and Health Care Educator. Her career required her to teach others how to care for themselves and others. She is a Hospice Volunteer and a certified representative of the State of Illinois Long Term Care Ombudsman Program. As an author, she strives to teach young readers to care for and be responsible stewards of the environment. It is through her voice that the same characters, as in her first book, come alive again in her second book helping children understand their role in maintaining the balance of nature.Janet understands the importance of all grade levels of education, starting with providing a solid foundation at the elementary level. Both of her books offer parents and teachers the tools with which to teach children how to use best gardening practices and to help marine wildlife thrive.Janet lives in a suburb of Chicago with her husband of forty-seven years. They have two married children and three grandsons.