Book-in-Focus: Letters to My Father by Dvora River

Book-in-Focus: Letters to My Father by Dvora River

A chronicle of a young woman's journey as she takes us on a roller coaster ride of fun, fear, fame, guilt, pride, hope, triumphs, and weaves her way out from the dark pits into enlightenment and spiritual reckoning.

Letters to My Father tells the life of the character, beset with ups and downs, rising to the challenge of pitfalls every time, unfolds the true-to-life narrative account of the writer, whose life started as a thorn in a bed of roses that catapulted her to the brink of despair and bouts of depression.

Imagine a free-spirited girl who is endowed with brains and lived with her family in a plush residence, maybe not belonging to the elite class, but comfortable enough to live a decent life. The setting started in the 1960s-70s, where life in the United States saw the period of awakening from the rubbles of economic recession, and the promising future loomed up ahead. Socialization and merrymaking of the parents followed after a hard day's work, leaving their daughter by herself. Feeling disappointed and alone at 13, she managed to get by, but when her mom allowed someone in authority to teach her the ways of life, the tragedy began.

The aftermath of sexual and verbal abuse scarred the battered heart of this young teen; in turn, she became hostile, aggressive to the point of confrontational in relating to people. This grave encounter at a young age, no doubt, would leave an emotional scar on anyone. As it is, it leaves little to one's imagination what would happen next--drinking, staying all night long--becoming a 'party animal' until she got pregnant at 21. Feeling remorse for giving up her pregnancy, she promised God to change her life.

Oblivious to her past, she is determined to bounce back and redirect her energy by joining the US Air force for four and a half years. A bemedalled Seargent bearing Distinguished Graduate, National Defense medal service, to name a few bespeak commendable recognition. A go-getter, she and her husband got a house in no time, and later she launched her multi-million dollar store.

Despite her accolades, the memories of that dark past kept on haunting her, leaving an indelible mark with no peace of mind. Seeking solace, she welcomes counseling, but vulnerable as she was, it was not easy to divulge her intimate story of failure, insecurities, invading her privacy, and, most of all, her innermost fears traumatic experience exposed. Resisting to accept the graces of the Divine Providence at first, letting the Lord take over her life, involving herself to reach out to people giving testimonies-- are all but a clear manifestation that 'The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.'

River's novel, Letters to My Father, comes from the heart, and as brave as she was, her narrative account from her teenage years to adulthood depicts a will of steel but a golden heart. Readers will look forward to reading her chronicles of suppressed emotions, devoured of guilt, and rising to the challenge amidst all odds. Healing in God's time and growing relationship with Him is an eye-opener to those who may share the same experience.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" I love the courage, strength, perseverance and raw emotional roller coaster this writer shares with her readers. The true grit of wanting and letting the Lord help you with the struggles of sexual abuse and mental illness. The perseverance of never giving up but giving your troubles to the Lord. It was very encouraging reading throughout the book how the Lord directed and guided Dvora. I feel this book gave me the desire and encouragement to have a closer relationship with God. Thank you Dvora for writing this book, sharing your truly difficult journey. I feel you are giving hope to all that suffered from abuse , PTSD , different mental illnesses or any type of major obstacles in our lives ."

— A Busby, Amazon Readers Review

" I could not put this book down....An eloquent journey of healing through the love and grace of Christ...“Always remember to be never know the struggles a person may be carrying”...Thank you for writing this and reminding usthat we never walk in the Lord."

— Rosemary Richardson, Amazon Readers Review

Book-in-Focus: Letters to My Father by Dvora River

Letters to My Father by Dvora River

ISBN 978-1532002069

270 Pages

Review by Liza L.

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Keep growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. 2 Peter 3:18 But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen.