Book-In-Focus: The Endearing Light by Cecile Czobitko

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We all need some light in our lives. It is what keeps us from slipping into the darkness, away from the world and away from ourselves. Some people feel this light from their loved ones, their friends, or their purpose. But, what happens when this light is suddenly quenched?

The Endearing Light by Cecile Czobitko is a story of a light lost and then found. It begins with Trudy, a girl who is very close to her mother. Growing up, her mother was her light. When her mother was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, Trudy felt this light in her life going out. When her mother died, she fell into the darkness without any motivation to pursue her life, her work, or her education. Without her mother, she was thrown out of the house by her stepfather. So, Trudy drove away without any direction.

Trudy arrives at the Hope Motel, and there, she comes across a job opportunity that can sustain her financially. She did not expect that she will also have a chance to get to know a different kind of light, one that she did not believe in before. This time, it is the unquenchable light of Christ.

The Endearing Light is a heartfelt story about different types of loss. On one hand, there is a loss of a loved one that is enough to send anyone into deep darkness. Anyone who has lost a mother or someone that they held close to their hearts can recognize the type of grief that this book talks about. On the other, there is a loss of self. It is in our human nature to want to belong. When this is lost, we lose a part of us too.

This book is for those who have suffered a loss or have felt that they are lost. There is an unquenchable light waiting for everyone; all we have to do is let it in.

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— Katrina Palmer White, Amazon Reader's Review

Book Talk: Top Tier Leadership: A Thirty Day Leadership Journey by Rob Manning_The BookWalker

The Endearing Light by Cecile Czobitko

222 Pages

ISBN 978-1973676737

Review by K Manis

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Cecile Czobitko has lived in the Canadian Rocky Mountains for most of her life. The natural beauty of where she lives, and her life experience inspired her to write her first book. Never in her wildness dream did she think it would ever be published. After some encouragement from her husband she self-published, Solitude and in the next year she published, the Endearing Light.Cecile lives with her husband and is a mother to three grown children and a grandmother to six grandchildren. She enjoys taking her dog Zeva, a black shepherd for walks on the many trails in the Park where she lives. She has met grizzly bears and aggressive elks, adding a little too much excitement in her life.