Book Talk: A Journey to the World: Reminiscences and Moments by Don Harris Oben

Don Harris Oben’s A Journey to the World: Reminiscences and Moments is a compelling autobiographyーan openhearted reflection of a man who has been through enough to inspire perseverance and hard work in others.

Meticulous in his writing, Oben takes readers down memory lane in finely wrought details that bring to life scenes from Cameroon, Nigeria, the US, and several other locations. He talks about his childhood, his family life, his school days, and his career. The same conscientiousness in his writing applies to the author’s observations and reflections, which are forthcoming and thought-provoking.

For instance, the author writes about his father: “Given his own experience during his work and travels in Nigeria, my father tried to instill in his children the importance of education and the need to attain the highest possible level in whatever field they chose. He never compromised education and hard work. Thus, I and my other siblings, including my aunt’s children, were brought up together to appreciate the value of education and hard work as well as honesty.”

It’s not surprising that Oben credits his parents for preparing him well for his future, where education, hard work, and values played important roles that paved the way to his numerous successes. However, Oben admits to times when he was extremely challenged by different circumstances when difficult decisions with life-altering consequences had to be made when trade-offs had to be accepted to thrive in his chosen field and as the head of their family.

In a sense, A Journey to the World: Reminiscences and Moments is a celebration of the triumphs and the legacy of Don Harris Oben. However, that’s not all there is to it. It’s a fountain of ideas younger generations can learn from and, more importantly, it’s a source of hope and inspiration.

Sometimes one man’s success in lifeーone man’s storyーcan indeed be a beacon of life for countless others. Don Harris Oben does shine his light so eloquently in A Journey to the World: Reminiscences and Moments.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Moving. A source of hope and inspiration. I find myself wanting to cheer. "

Amy I, The BookWalker

A Journey to the World: Reminiscences and Moments by Don Harris Oben

ISBN 978-1984559326

514 Pages

Review by Amy I.

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About the Author

Don Harris Oben holds a Ph.D. degree in Agricultural Economics with a specialization in Agricultural Development and Policy. He has written extensively and consulted on a wide range of agricultural and rural development policy issues reflecting his academic and career backgrounds. In a distinguished and enriching career spanning several decades, he worked as a rubber planter in the Cameroon Development Corporation plantations, acquired veterinary experiences, and was a post-doctoral fellow/researcher with the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research, had tenures in two universities, ending up with a 21-year career in international development, cooperation and diplomacy with the United Nations.

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