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Bethany Hentrich’s A Lost Cause is a compelling novel that explores friendships, hope, and forgiveness.

When Vanessa Whitely saw Jenna Tyler in a magazine feature a few years ago, she had no idea how the younger woman would soon become her hero.

Sunshine Ridge Ranch was a well-known ranch in Wyoming. For a good reason. The ranch housed, trained, and treated horses of different sizes, breeds, and temperaments. The Tyler family had made a name for themselves, especially Jenna一green-eyed, blonde, and beautiful.

Before Vanessa dropped by the ranch, Jenna had been working with Skipper, a young quarter horse who was being boarded at the ranch to take care of his fear of flapping objects. Matthew, the stable hand, was helping Jenna, and the two were making huge progress with Skipper.

Hope Shines, Vanessa’s horse, would be more complicated than Skipper. The abused horse was found in a rickety old shed一hungry, cold, left to die alone. However, the moment Jenna met Hope Shines, she knew the horse was something special. The beautiful silvery gray horse had solid grays, blacks, and whites in a snowy blizzard across her shimmery, soft-looking hide. “She had a chaotic mess of beauty beyond anything, even the greatest artist could design.” Hope Shines had bright, almond-shaped eyes, attentive ears, a well-sculpted neck, and elegant locks that hung in loose gentle waves.

Even while admiring Hope Shines’s raw beauty, Jenna saw something else in her: mistrust, fear, and even anger. Anger flashed in the horse’s eyes the moment she felt threatened, but Jenna remained optimistic. She would do everything she could to help Hope.

Jenna herself was not without her own demons. At night, she’d wake up crying and shaking from her nightmares of screeches and squeals partially drowned out by the blare of screaming sirens, of a sharp and shooting pain from her extremities, of sweat and blood, of people crying around her, of a still, lifeless white blob on the ground, of her heart breaking into pieces once again. The past haunted Jenna, and she had to heal her wounds just as she had to heal Hope Shines. Both girl and horse had to heal from their past to become whole again.

Bethany Hentrich’s A Lost Cause is a beautifully written novel. From its exciting start to its heartwarming ending, this page-turner does not disappoint. In simple, free-flowing prose, Hentrich effortlessly weaves vivid details into a relatable world. But perhaps more interestingly, the book manages to present a satisfyingly fresh perspective to the perpetual struggle between past and present, an otherwise run-of-the-mill, genre-defining theme.

Under all the fictional trappings, the novel remains, at its very heart, a tale of Hope, forgiveness, and new beginnings.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" a compelling novel that explores friendships, hope, and forgiveness. "

— Analiza Freedenberg, Amazon Readers Review

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A Lost Cause by Bethany Hentrich

ISBN 978-1796081510

220 Pages

Review by Liza L.

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Note from the Author

Hello Everyone! My name is Bethany Hentrich. And the title of this book pretty much describes the main point of why I wrote this story. I wrote this story in highschool and have spent the last four years, off and on, working on it. It was meant to be a short story, but it ended up being quote “not so short”. So because of that it has finally gotten to this point.. Publication. Something I had been dreaming of for this book, for years now. I’ve been a writer for all of my life, always finding joy in the creation of stories and characters, and the lives they lead. Writing is almost an escape from the pain and sorrows of the real world, and therefore has become a thing I do in my spare time, other than spending time with my Lord, God. For it is He who gives me this ability to create and has led me this far. All praise and glory to Him!