Book Talk: Broken Rungs Yet I Climbed by Ph.D. Patton, Mary G.

Sensual Whispers: A Poetry Collection from a Scorpio Lady by Michelle Anne Noonan

This is what happens when our self-esteem has been damaged. We fail to recognize our worth, and we attach our value to people and things. When we make those unhealthy attachments, they create a vulnerability to disappointments, frustrations, and a sense of failure. It is possible to push past fears, anxieties, and other debilitating emotions to reach a place that exudes calm, peace, and tranquility through a relationship with God. He was teaching me how to climb above problematic circumstance and how to do it gracefully. Our circumstances do not define us—a pearl of deep-seated wisdom from Dr. Patton as she unveils her life's story that catapulted her to follow God's voice amidst adversities in life borne even before her existence in this world.

Against all odds—this story reveals the unwavering resolve of a young mother of fifteen whose life strikes the naked reality, words powerless to describe the utter desolation of the life that seemingly beckons her to sink in the ground. Yet, at the back of her mind is a will of steel that enables her to rise against the stark of point of no return. This very same stance passed on to her offspring, which is the core of the unimaginable test of abiding faith, undying hope, and divine love throughout their journey.

Living in poverty—shanty, cramped living space, food out from meager earnings, unsanitary water, stretched of miles walking to school-- deprived of a decent way of life, one could succumb to defeat and yield to surrender. But it dawned on young Mary that doing physical labor, a grueling task for a young girl until coming of age, participating in the family as sharecroppers under the sweltering heat of the sun from dawn until dusk, is inevitable. Given her prevailing circumstances, it is not surprising to know she could not afford to join in some merrymaking like some teeners of her same age do. We could say she was robbed of her youth and the right to explore things other than those arduous tasks. Moreover, in her growing up years, boys taunted and mocked her through sexual harassment, leaving her emotionally bruised, discarded her ego and dignity as a person. Human as she is, there was a time she expressed—Why I could not have the fun-filled life that I thought others were enjoying? I didn't understand why life appeared to be so difficult for me. I know that now because my ladder had many broken rungs making it more difficult to climb. Because of my painful experiences, I was left with a tremendous amount of emotional baggage that needed to be unpacked. I was in constant conflict with myself, and my negative self-talk was almost constantly occurring.

When we undergo these painful encounters that are almost impossible to bear and successfully overcome, the experience itself and the process involved, in the long run, make it easier to empathize with others given the same exposure.

We could imagine the gargantuan task of reaching out to people, who are afflicted with emotional wounds, and there is no better way than to deal with an expert who had a hands-on experience battling with a rollercoaster ride of patience, endurance, forgiveness, love, empathy, and sensitivity.

Catch this awe-inspiring story in Patton's Broken Rungs Yet I Climbed, unfolds how the hands of God have touched her life, the people behind her strong conviction, and how she was able to withstand emotional turmoil from childhood to adolescence; her profound insight is, without a doubt, an eye-opener for the readers to grasp the essence of a meaningful and enriching life possible to those who have been emotionally hurt and feeling rather downhearted in these troubled times. On her way to climb the broken rungs, see how she looked not at the thorns but the petals of the lovely rose and prepared herself as God paved the way to her true calling: serving the broken-hearted people.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Broken Rungs, Yet I Climbed portrays how the author defied statistical odds to ascend from a destitute child of sharecropping parents in the South up a tedious, hazardous ladder to success. As backdrops to escort her reader through a lifetime of experiences, Dr. Patton uses chronologically-arranged broken rungs on her ladder to reveal how the Almighty enabled her ascension. She validates her story with significant occurrences and laces them with Scripture-based accounts of how God orchestrated her maneuver around each broken rung. She adeptly documents how each landing brought lessons that increased her faith and ultimately brought her closer to an understanding of God and, more importantly, His will.

With a series of inspirational, faith-based autobiographical stories, Dr. Patton provides fact-based nuggets for historians, sociologists, psychologists, economists, researchers, the clergy, and educators--to name a few.

I found the book captivating; once I opened it, I literally could not put it down."

Sylvia Reedy Gist, Amazon Readers' Review

" I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book by Dr. Mary Patton. She took you through her life story with humor and seriousness, something that is sometimes difficult for an author to pull off successfully and still keep the reader engaged. I couldn't put the Kindle version down; read the book in about 3 days. Her story touched my spirit and at times I could envision things from my own life that resonated within her story. Her story shows how with just a little bit of faith and tenacity one can be resilient and ingenious in surviving the things life throws at you. This is truly a must-read! "

Dr. NRG, Amazon Readers' Review

" I really enjoyed the book, it was easy reading. Dr. Patton is a excellent story teller and this book gave you a view of her family and spiritual life. She is living a life of faith that Jesus expects His believers and followers to lead. "

Catherine D. Dismukes, Amazon Readers' Review

Sensual Whispers: A Poetry Collection from a Scorpio Lady by Michelle Anne Noonan

Broken Rungs Yet I Climbed by Ph.D. Patton, Mary G.

ISBN 978-1973661696

152 Pages

Review by Alice Kipp

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About the Author

Mary G. Patton, Ph. D., is an accomplished teacher, professional school counselor, Christian psychotherapist and small business owner. She is a conference/workshop presenter that has been featured in magazines and on radio. She is host of Healing the Hurt, BlogTalkRadio show which airs bi-weekly on Finding My Way Radio Networks. She is the author of Emotional Trauma in School: Cause, Effect, Cure, and Therapeutic Application of Biblical Principles for Overcoming emotional Trauma.

Dr. Mary resides in Southaven, Mississippi with her husband, Elder Norris Patton, actively serves her church as a volunteer with several ministries, is active with her local AARP chapter, and writes to fulfill her passion for healing the hurt from emotional trauma.

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