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In a world surrounded by many religionswhich mainly were created and spread due to the separation of the various continentsthis spiritual book entitled "Commandments from Heavenly Realms" focuses on central figures, each coming from the four largest religions. They are Rama (the incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu), Buddha (a philosopher and founder of Buddhism), Mohammed (a prophet and founder of Islam), and Jesus (the incarnation of God the Son, and founder of Christianity). As per their specific religions, these extraordinary men were all sent by God to show his physical presence on earth and spread his teachings towards the salvation of man.

A protagonist of humanity and science, writer Biswajit Pattajoshi tells us that through the so-called commandments carried out by these chosen beings, God wants us to fully understand the covenant of grace, love, and truth.

Can righteousness alone forgive sin? What is God's take on how we treat our fellowmen? Is obedience towards His will enough for man?

The author even provides the reader with simple flow charts such as the relation of instant peace despite the continuous presence of everyday difficulties in our lives. Pattajoshi also tells us about the peace-light cycle.

Each one of us has been allowed to experience omnipotent gifts from high above, provided we always exhibit unshakeable faith in Him through our actions. Despite exhibiting good deeds, why do people still experience heavy burdens in life?

Is God really that unfair? Trusting God during bad times is a way of testing our faith in Him because our relationship with God is vital for eternal life.

As you read along, you will be enlightened by the 3 C's that would please Him, as well as knowing the 33 questions toward God's path and reinforcement that God is also with you.

The alleged gateway of omnipresence, which allows communication between God and man, would be the influences brought about by Rama-Buddha-Mohammed-Jesus. Still, despite their presence, what causes the disconnection?

Pattajoshi also clearly discusses the Rich-Rag Theory/Penny-Pie Fraction Theory in relation to understanding sacrosanct glory, and as per the author, God shall declare supernatural abundance for you. We just have to treasure the words and ponder the vastness of their effects on the way we live.

Do grab a copy and enjoy God's continuous presence in our lives.

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" Immersive. Enlightening."

Deborah Bradford, The BookWalker

Sensual Whispers: A Poetry Collection from a Scorpio Lady by Michelle Anne Noonan

Commandments from Heavenly Realms by Biswajit Pattajoshi

ISBN 978-1532071294

140 Pages

Review by Alan Q

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About the Author

Protagonist of humanity, science and writer. Mr Biswajit Pattajoshi has been a teacher , author and inventor . His insights and vision of God, aliens, and science and technology hub, in his recent conversations and visions with supernatural establishment series works , and historical vividity , explains the truth-trickles in his works. He also writes non-fiction on subjects ranging from personal-finance , economics of spending, business, organizational development, to social cause like ending poverty.