Book Talk: Double Portion Hidden Manna: The Garden by Shannon Lee Nase

Sensual Whispers: A Poetry Collection from a Scorpio Lady by Michelle Anne Noonan

Worshipping the Creator could be the fundamental obligation of human beings to some people while others regard it as a matter of choice; the former talks about the essence of spirituality, but the other aspect delves into the physical nuances of the world.

At a glance, this book may seem to have three different titles; it is, in fact, the author's perception of her spiritual undertaking of biblical texts and narratives as she takes the readers into a journey with Adam and Chavah (the Hebrew name of Eve) in the garden of Eden. Some people might have different notions on how the universe came to be, but for the Christians, who take into account their belief that these two human beings, our first parents, are God's last creation on the seventh day.

Humans, supposedly, take after the image of the Creator in His holiness. Adam and Eve lived an ideal life with comfort in the paradise given to them and continued to commune with the Creator in perfect harmony. But alas, most people know their blissful life ended when they disobeyed God's commandment not to eat the Tree of Life of Good and Evil; they were driven out from the garden and suffered as a consequence. Interestingly, Nase takes into account the role of Adam and Chavah in the course of their disobedience--Adam blaming the woman who is given to him by the Creator and the woman admitting to believing the serpent, which tricked her. The author gleaned her analysis on this incident that Adam should be responsible enough for this wrongdoing even though it was the woman who sinned first. We can not argue that Adam's role embodies his authority over his wife and be responsible enough to take care of her; in turn, the wife assists him in his daily living, and together they partake God's graces to live a fruitful life.

Looking back, the role of the creation and preparing for the coming of the Savior Jesus (Yeshua) would suggest that husbands ought to love their wives just as Christ loves His church (His followers).

In the succeeding narrations, the author depicts man's dual perspective of the world: the spiritual and the physical. She likened it to the wheat and tares and the double portion. Further, she espoused in her account the roles of biblical figures like Judah and Israel, Leah and Rachel, and of course Adam and Eve. Grab this book as she explains in a highly-spirited fashion how she was enlightened and shares it with her readers.

Nase's book, Double Portion Hidden Manna the Garden, may bring to light some aspect of hidden meaning, and readers could have a different angle worth studying and turn it into an erudite discussion.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" A very excellent read. You will love how Shannon explains the Hebrew meanings of God's word. Congratulations Shannon for this exceptional work. Blessings."

Pat Gowdy

" Shannons understanding of the spiritual meanings hidden within the garden story far exceed all others I have read. If you are seeking deeper meanings to biblical stories, I highly recommend following Shannon's endeavors."

Michael McMahon

Sensual Whispers: A Poetry Collection from a Scorpio Lady by Michelle Anne Noonan

Double Portion Hidden Manna: The Garden by Shannon Lee Nase

ISBN 978-1728343679

108 Pages

Review by Liza L

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Note from the Author

To whom much is given, much is expected.

I wrote this out of a responsibility to share the good news. I had also been hushed for years and knew I had to create a work that would end any doubts; no ifs, and's, or buts.

My intent is to bring the facts found from God's Word. These facts both judge and redeem, and prove both Jews and Christians and all other religions, both right and wrong about many things.

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