Book Talk: Drawings of Hollywood 1920-1939 by Alan Daniel

Looking back to the pre-modern times with nostalgia, one could not help but reminisce what once was—the dawn of innovative works through the magic of motion pictures, the stars, the defining moments. Alan Daniel's Drawings of Hollywood 1920-1939 is the epitome of the era ranging from The Flappers to Romance, Hollywood Horror, Fashion, and some famous personalities. Readers can get not only entertainment value, but also become learned of the yesteryears.

At a glance, the compilation of vintage pictures and to transform them into drawing using technology is no small feat. It would definitely need painstaking research and effort to get those material resources with descriptive features and create this book of novelty aspect worthy of such undertaking.

Readers could get a glimpse of what the world looked like in the past, specifically the two decades (1920-1939), which the author deemed a breathing space from the world wars. The 1920s saw unprecedented prosperity and earnings have primarily increased, which generated more disposable incomes; in turn, the influx of cash gave the Americans more access to entertainment and leisure. We could say that technological advancement also coincided with celebrities' growing popularity, actors, athletes, who were exposed to commercials over radio and print medium that earned their way to become icons in their own right.

It is interesting to note that the ever-growing number of film buffs for moving pictures in the late 1920s led to the putting up of more movie 'palaces,' accommodating an audience with thousands, which was built every year between 1925 and 1930.

Movie fans not only took into account their favorite stars' goddess look like Greta Garbo, Lilian Gish, Barbara La Mar, to mention a few but the way they dressed up became the rage. The Flappers' flaunted a new identity in fashion, dance, and music, favoring a young and boyish style. The fashion era has metamorphosed from the Victorian Style (1914-1918) into the 'Metal' look and the 'Office Manager' style in 1920-1930. As we can see in Alan's assorted array of drawings depicting the fashion world, deco style dominated the theme with its glamorous pattern, fringe, and loose fabrics. Besides, it is not surprising to see a transformation from classical and folk music to popular dance melodies—the talk-of-the-town like the waltz, tango, and fox-trot—while also taking in a new version of the old music during the decade.

After much thought of how history unfolds in the 1920s, I could not agree more that Alan Daniel's Drawings of Hollywood 1920-1939 reflects the burgeoning of technology in the film industry fueled by the amazing artistic and cultural experience that is worth remembering, truly a reckoning of the distant past.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" This book was a window to the past, a chance to read and see some of those who acted in the early days of the movies , what they looked like, what films they were noted for, along with a snippet of their life. Between World War I and World War II we experienced both economic prosperity and depression. America was in a period of change. The industrial era was upon us, and in many cases, working down on the farm was replaced with urban living and working in a factory. The world was getting smaller as the technology of the day was exposing us to changes that on so many levels, changed people's lives. Traditional social mores were challenged. In the midst of this environment, Hollywood arose. Among other things, people were introduced to men and women movie actors, some of whom became popular, lived glamorous lives and wore the clothing fashions of the day. This book is a bit of a look back, giving us a relaxing and entertaining read along with impressive drawings and included renderings. A sweet taste of some Hollywood history."

— Glengary, Amazon Readers' Review

Drawings of Hollywood 1920-1939 by Alan Daniel

ISBN 978-1796052893

126 Pages

Review by Liza L.

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About the Author

Alan Daniel was a U.S. Marine helicopter pilot in 1970, attended law at Pepperdine, and received his JD in 1978. He now lives with his wife Lori in Dayton, NV.

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