Book Talk: EMOTIONS: Not your Mama's ABC's by Mark Diaz

Sensual Whispers: A Poetry Collection from a Scorpio Lady by Michelle Anne Noonan

Memories of exciting moments never fail to amaze us; bitter and painful ones might not be cherished but end up in the recesses of our minds. To leave an indelible ink from those unforgettable moments of yesteryears, Mark Diaz thought of sharing a part of his experiences and observations interlaced with creative imaginations, unfolding in his first novel he calls Emotions: Not Your Mama's ABC's.

What better way to start his unique style of expositions than making use of each letter of the English alphabet from A-Z showcasing different emotions—can make the readers wonder what is in store for them. Mark's extensive travels to other parts of the world helped him in choosing the words that best describe his intentions. Readers will be acquainted with the varying emotions in its corresponding letters. Mark Diaz skillfully takes us on his adventure ride of action, romance, and comedy. There are instances when readers will encounter passages of parodies, and surprisingly, some ironies and symbolism are included that make us think deeply.

Writing a book from a collection of actual experiences and using the author's imagination makes up this semi-autobiographical literary work. The style of creating many different independent stories, we call 'vignette,' can be an excellent tool for a writer to convey his multifarious experience worth telling.

Readers can revisit their experiences through reading the English letters; A, which may stand for Angelic, Attractive, Amusing, or Angry; B for bashful, beautiful, bad-tempered; D for depression and despair; E for embarrassed, economical; fear; guilt; honesty; innocence and so forth. It could be fun to fill in the rest until you reach Z for zest!

Some excerpts from the book worth mentioning include: K-Kindness: It does not cost anything to be clean or respectful. It does not cost a cent to be polite, approachable, or even friendly. L -Love makes the world go round, but money greases the wheel. O - Optimism: Do not try to avoid disappointment. To be disappointed means you were in a position to achieve, rather than being a spectator. P - Pessimist: Something terrible might happen as per Murphy's Law.; won't try new dish (poison); God forbid to get on the plane (crash); Climb a mountain (avalanche) or go to school (sniper).

Crave more emotive enlightening ABC's power messages and additional vignettes? This thought-absorbing book, Emotions: Not Your Mama's ABC'S is up for grabs, and add it to your collection of fun reading mixed with parody, satire, and irony.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" This book is amazing and will take you on a journey with each short story. Very funny!"

Chris McCornack, Amazon Readers' Review

" A bizarre journey with the Author. Nerve racking, funny and sad this book definitely stirred up a lot of emotions."

Edrice L. Diaz, Amazon Readers' Review

Sensual Whispers: A Poetry Collection from a Scorpio Lady by Michelle Anne Noonan

EMOTIONS: Not your Mama's ABC's by Mark Diaz

ISBN 978-8552929252

177 Pages

Review by Sarah Fisher

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About the Author

Born in Huntington Park, CA. 'My book is an accumulation of crazy situations and even crazier people who crossed my path. I have been married for over half of my life and continue to dwell in Arizona with Karen ( my wife ) and my two boys Bruiser and Murphy.

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