Book Talk: From God's Heart, to Mine, to Yours by E.P. Shagott

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In this grief-stricken world people, beset with the daily grind are trying to find solace to soothe one's battered heart and broken dreams. In his desire to touch the hearts of many people, author E.P. Shagott shares this artistic expression of God's message through awe-inspired poems.

As you go through each page, you will get the impression of the intimate dialogues between God and the poet. Shagott has articulately written spirit-filled messages into rhythmic verses; these prayers and ballad-like hymns of praises would serve as a venue for reflection.

Readers will find these beautifully inscribed poems on different themes, from exaltations and jubilation to a feeling of anxiety and desolation. Humans, ingrained with weakness as our foe, could easily resonate with the author's intent—that we are nothing without God's mercy and benevolence.

Undeniably, the author is well-versed in his passion for rekindling such devotion and strong faith in the Supreme Being, especially in these trying times. To cite a few, he expressed God's wisdom—"In the depth of trials, you will find me. Life's many obstacles are put there by choice. You will learn, grow, get stronger, and be always listening to my voice. I say, have patience, have no fear. It is not about the obstacle, but that it brings you closer to God."

The overall mood is God's calling for the people to take His hand and walk through the righteous path. He gives us the free will to choose light from the darkness. We may have lost our way, but He is just waiting for us to call Him.

What makes this collection of inspirational poems remarkable is the way E.P. Shagott implores the readers who could be downhearted—that when all seems awry, and the flickering light almost dimmed off, you thought no one comes to the rescue. But God is just right beside you and has never gone.

Savor the poems as you seclude yourself to a corner and have a meaningful exchange with the Lord. What a delightful way to renew your faith, hope, and embrace God's love.

Shagott's From God's Heart, to Mine, to Yours is an impactful conversation with God that brings about enlightenment and change to those who are in dire need of spiritual nourishment.

From God's Heart to Mine to Yours by E.P. Shagott


Publication date: ‎ January 09, 2015

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E.P. Shagott, with the Lord's direction, is the creator of God's Love Outreach Ministry that began touching hearts for Christ in January 2004. God started touching Ed's life with poetry in the early 1990s. HE has inspired Ed with over 600 poems to touch those who needed to hear God speak directly to them in poetic form in a span of twenty-plus years. In March 1997, Ed surrendered his life to Jesus. Since January 2004, Ed has presented God's Love programs in over 70 nursing homes and assisted living residences to more than 40,000 people.

Many of the poems from this book have been shared, combined with music, and serve as inspirational stories to let all people know that God loves them and has not forgotten any of them. To God be the glory!

Please check out EP Shaggot's other works; "More" from God’s Heart, to Mine, to Yours and Triology From God's Heart, to Mine, to Yours ( 2020 )

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