Book Talk: Genisova by Randy Kovicak

Book Talk by The BookWalker: Genisova by Randy Kovicak

A home away from home in space — this sci-fi book could not be better suggesting the possibility of a seemingly terrestrial domain that could make a life for a multitude of people next to Earth.

Space explorations have always found their way to endear readers and audience with the likes of Star Wars, Space Oddysey, Avatar, to name a few. Filmmakers continue to take us to the world of make-believe, and in a not-so-distant future, who knows what lies ahead?

Genisova's inception takes the people by storm as its young and ever-vibrant founder, the brilliant billionaire, Landau, and his dynamic Council, whose deep compassion for life matches his own. Imagine how the possibility of living far off the planet Earth, creating a new world would unravel. People saw and understand that something catastrophic awaits humanity. The growing concerns about global warming and the harmful ultraviolet rays threaten every life possible within the next 100 years; the idea of all species becoming extinct is not a far-fetch phenomenon that led to the making of Genisova.

The project proponents are aware that on matters of this rather revolutionary endeavor as big as the universe, this is in the gargantuan range. People fighting over territorial claims to religion to politics could be worrisome, and pressing matters take their attention as the ever-increasing ultraviolet radiation from the sun takes its toll on the human race. Although the evolution of consciousness has permeated in such a way that enlightenment supersedes man's total being, creating a place with immeasurable space as possible is unimaginable enough to make this daring and almost impossible Genisova project, to begin with.

This thought-provoking story begins in 2038, and runs through 2046 until 2140, foretold nearly a century-old since its humble beginning; one could get caught in a surreal sense as if Kovicak's interplay of everything involved in the mission from the years spent in planning and laying out of details, constructing a gigantic structure to how all the pieces fit together harmoniously— is vastly more complex than our minds can grasp.

The thought of gathering together enough like-minded people—deeply compassionate, intelligent, successful, and influential—makes up for making this scientific undertaking a colossal hit. One could not help but wonder how the higher-profile names and leading professionals just quit their jobs and forego their lives to sign up for Genisova. Perhaps a top-secret involving some new high-tech scientific discovery is underway, or a breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence (AI); undoubtedly, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Through the years, man's capacity to reach the unknown and dive into the realm of the point of no return, the scenes etched into the minds, is what the author is trying to get at. The possibility of a planet outside the solar system that could harbor life, a habitable zone, leaves nothing to the imagination.

What makes this book all the more interesting is the author's idea for Genisova germinated in its blend from Aynd Rand's dystopian novel of philosophical revolution, Atlas Shrugged, and the movie Elyssium (starring Matt Damon) with its gigantic space habitat in the earth's orbit. On the other hand, Genisova delves deeper and has a spiritual context, a reckoning for the sci-fi book lovers not to miss.

Indeed, it would not come as a surprise if this brilliant book would turn into a movie. It is such a comforting thought to have a new world free from vices without fretting over money, and people are free to search and do what they are passionate about. The novelty of creating a haven and a pursuit of a deeper meaning in life is only feasible through a glimmer of possibilities. After all, while there is life, there is hope.

Kovicak's Genisova is undoubtedly one hell of a ride to add to your collection of science fiction novels with a touch of mystery and adventure and live to tell this ever-unique spin of exquisite storytelling style only Kovicak can write with flair.

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" Kovicak's Genisova is surely one hell of a ride to add to my collection of science fiction novels with a touch of mystery and adventure and live to tell this ever-unique spin of enchanting storytelling style."

—Liza L, Amazon Reader's Review

Genisova by Randy Kovicak

Genisova by Randy Kovicak

ISBN 978-1532061257

45 Pages

Review by Rhea Carrigan

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