Book Talk: Katina: The Mermaid Who Wanted to be Human by Shirley Ruth Hassen

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Mythical sea creatures like water nymphs, sirens, merfolks have fascinated people over the years. This narrative is one good example of exploring the world underneath the ocean.

Readers may remember the story of The Little Mermaid, who wished to have her fishtail exchanged for a pair of legs. Though similar in some ways, this tale will magically take the readers into a refreshing version of a mermaid story and the highlights: the colorful world under the sea. The author's way of describing the beautiful ocean floor—rippling waves, the swirling and swooshing of the waters— with colorful sea anemones, corals, the mermen and mermaids, and other sea creatures, the young minds will be delighted in Shirley Hassen's engaging style of storytelling.

The story kicks off with Tom, a fisherman, who lives with his wife, Katie, in a peaceful coastal village; their humble dwelling, a small, old thatch-roof cottage, is just a stone's throw away from the shore. Not having been blessed with a child, the elderly couple wished to have one. Tom owns a small, worn-out boat. Being sickly, he could only catch a few fish. Tom's catch is barely enough for their food and is lucky if there's extra to sell.

Mishy's Silence Speaks Beauty sheds light on man's unguarded moments, shattered dreams, insecurities that impact human relations. It also beckons the readers to have introspection on what is far greater in life that needs man's utmost attention, as with the changing seasons and finding our way to accept things that we cannot control—this collection of poems says it all.

In the undersea kingdom, King Enahs seeks the hand of Lorac, the beautiful maiden mermaid, to be his wife. But alas, the old water witch opposed the union; in a rage over not choosing her lovely daughter Lyreb for his queen, casts a spell on them. The queen would not bear any children, and the magnificent shimmering castle would cease to glitter along with their kingdom. Fortunately, one curse failed, for the queen gave birth to Princess Coral and Princess Dearra.

As the story develops, a baby mermaid is found in the ocean, saved by the present Queen Coral; the black-haired baby mermaid is rare for their kind, much to her surprise. In no time, the royal couple cherished her, and King Trebor named her Katina.

The plot of this mesmerizing fictional account is well-thought-of considering the story of Little Mermaid and its adaptation to a movie. In a sense, author Hassen earns her right by interlacing her original ideas into the sequence of events. Catch the rest of the story and see how this ever-curious, vibrant little mermaid blossoms and ends up with the childless Tom and Katie. Her transformation from fishtail to human legs with dainty feet is a sight to behold! By now, the readers could probably guess what Katina's long-time most desired wish is: living under the sea or residing by the sea.

Readers will be amazed by how the author weaves her story with magic by reading through Hassen's Katina: The Mermaid Who Wanted to be a Human. How delightful it is to relish those vivid, colorful words used. Readers will find themselves as if they are part of the characters chanting, giggling, playing, enjoying the merriment, and at times, hiding under the rocks or corals every time the ocean floor trembles from the fury of the old water witch.

The author's published several books in different genres showcasing her love for storytelling. This mermaid story is one of her children's narratives that is worth reading and sharing.

Katina: The Mermaid Who Wanted to be Human by Shirley Ruth Hassen


Publication date: ‎ September 23, 2019

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About Shirley Ruth Hassen

A short note from the author

My life has been writing. Over the years, I have been rejected many, many times. These rejections decided me to save the money to publish my books. This will be my fifth year judging stories for, The Fellowship of Australian Writers.

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