Book Talk: Love Interrupted: A Seeker's Discovery of the Afterlife by Michele Matto

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Most people are aware that the threshold of death is inevitable, but when someone dear breathes their last, the ones left behind feel the emptiness and become emotionally drained. Facing the loss of a loved one is heart-wrenching—the breadth of pain, the unfathomable depth, is overwhelming.

This is the story of how Michele Matto copes with grief when Jenny, her best friend, and soulmate, succumbs suddenly and unexpectedly to the end of her life journey; how she overcomes the grief when she could not help but yearn for the familiar long-held routine with her beloved Jenny. Matto expresses her sentiments— "We are like twins in that we finished each other's sentences and we are comfortable in silence with each other and could sit together quietly for hours" — that tell an agonizing throe which leads her to probe deeply about life and its aftermath, bringing significant changes into her life.

What happens after the physical life is gone? Love Interrupted gives an insight into the afterlife. Michele shares her learning experiences vis-à-vis soulful connections with Jenny through legitimate and certified mediums. But not the likes of Oda Mae Brown, a psychic con artist, portrayed by Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost. These are real, ordinary people of different backgrounds gifted with the ability to read the energy of people who have crossed over to the other side, changing from the physical to a different form of energy.

This soulful connection—the medium contacting spirit—can be a comforting zone for bereaved families, and Matto is no exception. In her desire to understand the realm of spirituality, Matto seeks different mediums to experience for herself if they could validate Jenny's deep thoughts, memories, and images with her deep-seated knowledge of her best friend. Are they making this all up, or is it for real?

How does communication work? The loved one in spirit communicates with the medium in symbols; the medium, in turn, receives and interprets the symbol to the sitter (bereaved party). What makes this process striking is the revelation of having similar facts, scenarios, and historical references of both Jenny and Michele when the mediums do not know either one of them. This, for the author, is a pretty mind-blowing experience. The affirmations of Jenny's presence here and now lead Michele to believe, through a lot of supporting evidence such as pictures in the book, that each of us can learn to tune in to our departed loved ones' energy or "frequency."

Of her recollection, Michele Matto has this to say—We did a lot of fun things together, we lived life, we prayed together...and my truth that I hold clearly today is that I can grow to love someone deeply who I feel is very close to God, and that love may be interrupted temporarily but will never die.

Love Interrupted is an easy-to-follow narrative that invites you beyond your present spiritual understandings. The author intends to share with the readers her actual experiences, discoveries, and reflections about the afterlife with the hope of spiritual connection with them through her journey with Jenny.

Michele Matto has clearly outlined her message in a friendly tone and conversational manner throughout the reading. It is thought-provoking based on the author's personal encounter with the mediums and their energy-driven readings. Love Interrupted: A Seeker's Discovery of the Afterlife is an awe-inspiring book, especially for those seeking to understand the afterlife and the possibility of connecting with their own deceased loved ones.

Four different mediums in four different states, over time, said Jenny was wanting me to keep a journal and write about this experience in a book. I thought that was rather remarkable, and started keeping insights and evidence given to me in a chronological journal.
When my friends and neighbors heard about it all, they wanted to understand more also. Many here in my Florida community are retired bankers, teachers, business people, nurses, pilots, etc., but their churches hadn’t taught them any more about how it all “works” than I had learned, even in seminary. One evening I held an information / “Q and A” session here with one of the mediums I had consulted. I had set up 10-15 chairs in our activity center, but 50 people showed up, and 35 of them signed up to meet privately in their homes with her for hour-long readings the following week.
That’s when I realized there is a great deal of interest out there among “normal” people who have lost loved ones - spouses, parents, children, and friends - and even more so now in this time of Covid.
So, what started out as being my own grief processing and wanting to understand “how does this work ?!” became an effort to help others also see what I’ve learned, and to know that their people are still here right now, not someday when we meet them in “heaven”. — Michele Matto

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Very interesting topic for me— Loved this! I have always been curious about the topic and this book just confirmed what I have wanted to believe all my life. This is an informative book and Michele's story is compelling. It certainly warmed my heart and helps me sleep better at night thinking that my loved ones are still around. Thank you for sharing your story with us!"

EdwardMD, Amazon Reader's Review

" This book is a gift of discovery for those you love and someday will leave behind. I appreciated the way the Author clarified and presented her experiences in a manner we all can follow, understand and appreciate. She provides numerous examples that cannot be disputed or confused with wishful expectations.

This information is enlightening and extremely comforting especially if you have lost special loved ones.

Buy it; read it and be sure those you love have a copy too."

— Pink Flamingo, Amazon Reader's Review

" I really enjoyed this book. So much of what the author wrote about resonated deeply with me. I’ve had a number of experiences where people who have died have clung to me because I’ve been open to hearing them and / or picking up on their energy. This book made sense of all those experiences for me."

—Caroline Lennon, Amazon Reader's Review

Sensual Whispers: A Poetry Collection from a Scorpio Lady by Michelle Anne Noonan

Love Interrupted: A Seeker's Discovery of the Afterlife by Michele Matto M. DIV. M.A.L.A.

ISBN 978-1982231392

72 Pages

Review by Liza L.

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About the Author

Michele Matto is a retired United Methodist pastor. She is interested in authentic spirituality for decades and now, in retirement, clarifying for herself what happens at the end of our physical life—for all of us.

' By sharing my own experience with legitimate and certified mediums, I include photos that provide believable evidence that our loved ones are still with us after they "cross over", and that they are following along in our daily lives just as when they were here in physical form. Especially at this Covid time, when tens of thousands of people are grieving the sudden and unexpected loss of their loved ones, I want to share with the readers my realtime discovery about the Afterlife, that most churches are not really interested in teaching, but which gives hope to all of us. The truth is not only that we will see them again "some day", but that they are actually still right here with us NOW. It has been fascinating to discover they still have their same personality and same sense of humor.'