Book Talk: Silence Speaks Beauty by Michelle Anne Noonan

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There is beauty in silence, goes the famous adage. It does speak volumes, others say. And to hear, one must be silent.

Author Michelle Anne Noonan, who lives in Melbourne, shares her collection of poetry, which reflects nature's wonders of great Australia--its unique variety of fauna, tropical rainforests, and rolling green pastures, wide-open spaces, and beaches.

Poetry lovers would find Mishy's poems delightful as she unleashed her passion for creative writing with profound messages that delve deeper using symbolism. She includes some literary devices—imagery, metaphor, idioms, personification, and charactonym, to cite a few for a more emphatic and vivid description. For a sample of her awe-inspiring poems, here is a stanza from her first poem selection—Solitary Moments;

"My mind underneath a waterfall

But not gasping for air

My body, not present

My soul, unaware."

Her finale is equally compelling--

"The Infinite Symphony

Blindly goes on

Determined to bring us

A life ripe with song."

Mishy's Silence Speaks Beauty sheds light on man's unguarded moments, shattered dreams, insecurities that impact human relations. It also beckons the readers to have introspection on what is far greater in life that needs man's utmost attention, as with the changing seasons and finding our way to accept things that we cannot control—this collection of poems says it all.

What makes Mishy's literary, poetic writings impressive is that she invokes the readers to reflect on those imageries and their essence that connect to life as what they do to her. Her deep-seated passion for nature and creative expressions in literature and music are like fireworks—magical and vibrant. Fascinating photographs of nature's wonders that go with the poems add flavor to Silence Speaks Beauty.

If a picture paints a thousand words, poetry captivates the mind and soul. Mishy's Silence Speaks Beauty is up for grabs to those who love a compilation of rhythmic ballad poetry.

Silence Speaks Beauty by Michelle Anne Noonan


Publication date: ‎ April 8, 2021

Note: Now Available: Click here

About Michelle Noonan

A bit about Me

So who am I? I love nature and feel connected to the dirt of Australian soil. By the way, I'm no long tearing it up on motorbikes. My dream was to become a classical pianist. I studied exceptionally hard as an honors student but my dream was shattered by an injury. Sometimes life does not go the way we expect it to, what matters is our response.

I have an incredible life in Melbourne, I am not sure if you've heard but it's one of the most livable cities in the world. Being born and raised here, the only thing I dislike about it at times is the cold weather. If you take me to the snow, you'll probably find me cuddled up in front of an open fire.

With writing poetry comes a freedom in writing like fireworks, it can be beautiful and it can be explosive. It takes its own path, much like a song or a painting. Poetry has been used globally to reinforce education, amongst other things.

It is a great way of making some seemingly boring subjects come alive. Much like the first color TV you ever watched, it's exciting and raw. We learn from strangers what we could not teach ourselves. For me, creative expression is something I turn to that is always there, with just a pen. Like everyone I have some topics that are close to my heart in the non-for-profit arena. My main one is supporting Mental Health and has been for several years.

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