Book Talk: Simply Rich a Cosmic Romance: The Cosmos Within by Joy Sundee Widmark

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The journey towards the future, by which man has envisioned a reckoning of glorious existence, may call on the need for introspection of one's values amid these chaotic times of war, justice, politics, and greed. The author deemed it necessary that man ought to decipher what is important and real; the need to build from the future, complete the past, and receive the present—inviting people to protect and unify humanity is the way to enrich better essential living. Using the yang creative perspective and the yin receptive perspective and together meeting at the center where the heart is to resolve matters, the author fosters to bring the readers to find their way to their intrinsic nature in light of the cosmic influence in the universe.

Man's purity in terms of thoughts, intentions, and actions can only be extracted by the natural process, which is likened to sifting the gold in a long, painstaking process. In his pursuit to achieve what he aims for in life, man has thought of profound joy in his day-to-day existence. He may have inculcated wisdom and reached a higher level of learning; yet, his insatiable desires for power, wealth, and fame delimit his capacity to live joyfully in its truest sense.

In the vastness of the universe, man has reached its glory by getting out of his way by crossing the distant space to step on the moon; his ambition-driven stunt, a clear indication of his propensity to perfection, but could not walk a few steps to pause and have a chat with his neighbors. Further, the housewives in the 1950s-60s-- saying no more free time due to the voluminous household chores; now, equipped with state-of-the-art technology which could do the cleaning, washing, cooking in a breeze, but women are still pressed for time. These are but examples of paradox in life--discomfiting, but reality strikes us.

Likewise, the author's way of expounding her Simply Rich A Cosmic Romance, The Cosmos Within - The Affair to Remember, showcasing a contradiction features in poetic artistry is simply delightful and engaging to the cosmic sense. Her ever-flowing words of radiance, like in a symphony with the recipe of notes and pauses in perfect harmony, will all depend on us, the player of the musical instruments. How we sync the instruments in their perfect rhythm could beckon a dance with the melody of life as sharers of joy will definitely make a difference in making this world plausible and livable.

Catch her other piercing and witty lines from politics to economics to medicine to the government to churches to relations and other social ills besetting our society with the hope that her satire may elicit awareness, enlightenment, and pro-active measures—to live life to the fullest in the cosmic sense. Through her poetic writings, the author wished we could find ourselves the essence of joyful living, and together we can stand on the true universal ground.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" I love the courage, strength, perseverance and raw emotional roller coaster this writer shares with her readers. The true grit of wanting and letting the Lord help you with the struggles of sexual abuse and mental illness. The perseverance of never giving up but giving your troubles to the Lord. It was very encouraging reading throughout the book how the Lord directed and guided Dvora. I feel this book gave me the desire and encouragement to have a closer relationship with God. Thank you Dvora for writing this book, sharing your truly difficult journey. I feel you are giving hope to all that suffered from abuse , PTSD , different mental illnesses or any type of major obstacles in our lives ."

— A Busby, Amazon Readers Review

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Simply Rich a Cosmic Romance: The Cosmos Within by Joy Sundee Widmark

ISBN 978-1984540720

214 Pages

Review by Isa Wakeman

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Joy S.W is in and of the Cosmos! As a child of the '60s, Joy S.W. is a peacemaker with a passion for the Truth. Raised in the Christian tradition where Faith was profound, and yet, life was complicated by the realities of the time and institutional religious power struggles and corruption- threatening a truly spiritual life.

True peace and true joy became a life long passion. Joy S.W. brings the love of Christ and the spirit of the Tao into a cosmic perspective and positioning. Joy has a gift for illuminating where there have been shadows in the mind of the times while giving roots to Universal Truth.

From a preachers kid to a career in cosmetology, Joy S.W. has combined the art of beauty with a passion for the Spirit to coin Joyology, Cosmictology, and the Sacred Fitness of InnerGchi (ZeroPoint) for YoJoY ReBoot "iAm" Camp. Joy S.W. is a peaceful warrior and a voice for TRUth. She promotes and articulates Whole-Sum Enterprizes with a gift for poetics as Cosmic Rhyme and Reason that is blooming into Cosmic Stand-UP, Come-Unity Theater, and YoJoY 4 Just-Us!

Joy S.W. lives in central California with her awe-sum son and dearest long time companion. She is developing practical joy for every day and working on her second book, "Standing in Joy, How to Steer yOur Karma -Using the Heart Body Compass for Ultimate Well-Being."

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