Book Talk: Stargazer by Prue McDonell

Book Talk: Stargazer by Prue McDonell

There's a little Stargazer in each one of us, and author Prue McDonell's debut children's book is a remarkable foray into self-discovery, friendship, and the power of curiosity.

Stargazer introduces us to a newly-born flower sprite named Star, who emerges from a Lily in the sprawling Garden of Asha - perpetually curious to learn more about herself and the world around her. Readers meet the book's characters one by one, along with Star, as each chapter is named after an all-new friend.

We're first introduced to the Rose Sisters: Cristabella, Arabella, and Rosabella, who serve as Star's first best friends and introduction into her new world. One by one, readers start to understand that Star is nourished by the elements around her, like Sun, Moon, Breeze, Faer the Butterfly, Ora the Spider, and more.

With McDonell inspired by her childhood holidays frolicking at her grandmother's garden, the whimsical tale is a clear ode to the beauty of nature and how every little thing has a life and purpose unbeknownst to humans.

Soon after Star gets used to her surroundings, a dear friend is plucked away by "the shadow" of a man. Like all children, Star soon realizes that there is more to the world that solely caters to her. While grieving her friend, she laments that "this little garden is just a small part of a very big world."

With its beautifully-written prose and illustrations, Stargazer holds a relevant message for kids who might often feel small in their own world. After all, even the best of us can relate to Star, realizing that "it must be good to know yourself."

Though there is the ever-relevant longing in reaching beyond the outside world, it's also equally important to learn how to bloom where you're planted. Self-discovery by oneself is also vital, but the book emphasizes the beauty in discovering that "Each of us is a puzzle. You will discover who you are from the creatures in the garden."

At the end of the delightful read, Stargazer showcases a beautiful lesson in learning how to bloom and appreciating the ones (flower spite or not) that you've taken root with.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" With its beautifully-written prose and illustrations, 'Stargazer' holds a relevant message for kids who might often feel small in their own world."

—The BookWalker

Stargazer by Prue McDonell

Stargazer by Prue McDonell

ISBN 978-1504320375

45 Pages

Review by Shirley Hopkinson

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Note from the Author

My inspiration came from childhood memories of my Grandmother’s lake house. Wild, rambling

gardens conquered up visions of Flower Sprites. Stargazer is about the creatures who lived in this

enchanted place.

My life has been one of self-discovery, defining who I am. This journey is reflected in the main

character, ‘Star’, a Flower Sprite who also struggles to find the truth about herself. I hope Star will inspire young

children to search for their true potential.

Stargazer takes us on a journey with Star, as she learns about who she is through the

other sprites and whimsical creatures, she meets in the garden like Faer the Unflappable Butterfly and

the Rose sisters, who teach Star the importance of friendship. Star meets the Great Beings of the sky,

Sun, who gives her life. Moon who lights up the darkness, making Star feel safe.

Stargazer takes us into a beautiful world of Flower Sprites, Butterflies, Spiders and Birds. It is our job

to protect the creatures whom we share this planet with. I hope Stargazer gives children an

awareness of their relationship to nature and the importance of taking care of our world for themselves

and the future.

—Prue McDonell

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