Book Talk: The Balance Concept in Health and Nursing by Daisy Magalit Rodriguez

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The book, entitled "The Balance Concept in Health and Nursing: A Universal Approach to Care and Survival," revolves around the idea of balance and how it is connected towards human health and the various processes related to nursing and is divided into two sections.

In the first part of this reading material, author Daisy Magalit Rodriguez, a proud recipient of the "2011 Nurse Educator of the Year" award by the Philippine Nurses Association of America, elaborately discusses the understanding of the concept of balance. Rodriguez claims that balance is vital for survival, encompassing how we view ourselves and the measures we can go to great lengths to fix crucial concerns. There are five essential elements of balance: adaptation, equilibrium, homeostasis, health, and needs.

Equilibrium affects our ability to remain on track in any situation. The word "balance" may be somewhat similar to "equilibrium." Still, equilibrium emphasizes maintaining the balance of influences that foster normalcy and balance versus those that cause abnormality and imbalance. Well, this would only bear fruit through our internal, physical, regulatory mechanism, which is called homeostasis.

Health is a state of well-being that each person describes and experiences. Several individuals believe that our bodies' basic functions are connected to bodily fluids or what some people call "humors." When properly balanced, the larger the possibility of good health would be the outcome.

Finally, needs include a wide variety of virtues, ranging from how to survive to self-actualization. These needs may be required or essential. As far as this aspect is concerned, the author provides the reader with a discussion regarding the famous Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Model.

Rodriguez further discusses the various types of environments which would affect balance as well as man's survival. Also, what would be the key role of human behavior to achieve balance? How is culture a factor in influencing behavior?

Switching to the second section, the author tackles a Balance-Health Nursing Model (BHNM) system, which discusses how these two specific aspects would improve nursing processes.

Before delving into this system, Rodriguez introduces the Health-Illness Balance Continuum and how vital the medical practitioners' roles would be. Moreover, specifically zooming in on nurses, she now elaborates on the Nursing Process Balance Model.

This book is the liveliest resource on the 'Balance Concept' you can ever get.

The Balance Concept in Health and Nursing: A Universal Approach to Care and Survival by Daisy Magalit Rodriguez

272 pages


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Daisy Magalit Rodriguez graduated from the University of the Philippines with a degree in nursing and practiced in the United States as a professional nurse and educator in nursing programs. As a professional nurse, she practiced in various settings, including clinical nursing, management, education, and hospital organizations. She has taken online courses towards a doctorate in organizational leadership. Her first book, "The Balance Concept in Health and Nursing," elucidates the Balance Theory, centered on the balance concepts necessary for human survival. She continues to write, including poetry, to expand her range of interests in writing to contribute to the professions, publications, and the community.

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