Book Talk: The Devil in Modern Eden by Tom Graneau

Sensual Whispers: A Poetry Collection from a Scorpio Lady by Michelle Anne Noonan

Fascinating and enlightening, The Devil in Modern Eden, meant for the Christian audience, provides the reader with a dauntless perspective on the continuous presence and interconnection with the Almighty God, mortal men, and God's ultimate adversary, Satan.

Beautifully written by spiritual coach Tom Graneau, the book depicts the situations around our world in these modern times as somewhat similar to what had transpired during the time of Adam and Eve, as evidenced by the endless conflict of good and evil.

The author says the so-called "Garden of Eden" still exists today, albeit a new world now tagged as the "Modern Eden."

Before delving into the atmosphere surrounding the "Modern Eden," Graneau first introduces us to both God and Satan to enable the reader to better understand the two rivals' personalities as well as their influences toward humankind.

God has always been perceived as the Supreme being with a very forgiving heart and full of love, care, patience, and mercy towards mankind regardless of man's sinful ways. But, lo and behold, the Almighty can also be jealous and vengeful towards mankind depending on certain situations that so displease Him.

As far as Satan is concerned, the book provides the origins of why an angel of the highest order was cast out of Heaven, which would then explain the devil's relentless pursuit of disrupting God's relationship with his greatest creations who are armed with free will. Also, Graneau elaborately discusses the realm called Hell to further impart more knowledge in the minds of the readers.

Due to man's wickedness, brought about by the continuous influence of evil during those times, God performed elaborate "rescue missions" to reunite Him and His children.

Zooming in to the present, Graneau tells us about the three distinct groups of people that were formed, groups that were used as the basis of God and Satan in measuring their own separate successes.

Practical demonic influences affecting Christians and Non-Christians in modern culture, especially in entertainment, business, and the church itself, are discussed. We are made to think, "How do we effectively survive these evil tactics to manage our destiny?"

The Devil in Modern Eden contains loads of insights from the author, backed by biblical scriptures, to explain inevitable misinterpretations that have been clouding our minds for years.

Who is God? Who is Satan? How vital are their influences in the new world? Can man still escape the vile clutches of the devil?

Read on and be enlightened.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" The Devil in Modern Eden explores many of the common questions about hell and evil, and what Christians can do to rebuff it. It should be noted that this comes from a blatantly Christian perspective, and focuses on the Christians interaction and reliance on God to combat the wiles of the devil. Knowing that, it is an interesting history lesson and really a very thorough explanation of salvation and how to act out your Christianity in modern life. Aside from the acknowledgement that there is a real devil, and that he influences you through evil thoughts and uses modern versions of old institutions (media, drugs, sex, etc.) I was actually surprised about how light the information on Satan was. I expected more than a very basic intro, and yet this is what I found. Rather it was more of a primer on how to live as a faithful Christian in this day and age, which is a fine topic but not what I was expecting based on the title and synopsis. From a personal perspective as a Christian, I also found this leaning uncomfortably Armenian, with a lot of emphasis on how we influence our own salvation, almost to the point of working our way into God’s good graces by fighting off the devil’s influences, rather than embracing radical grace. Still, I appreciate any acknowledgement of a real enemy and a real fight, as it is too often ignored, even in Christian literature."

—Ebienic, Amazon Readers' Review

" The truth may be hard to accept.

Evil is in politics, corruptions around the globe and deceptions that seem all good and well at first then an insidious, diabolical scheme comes forth

Written so you will be scared into deliverance. How to defend yourself against deceptive lies.

The cover suggests a cover up but, opens the book and start reading. Extreme and enlightening."

— KB, Amazon Readers' Review

Sensual Whispers: A Poetry Collection from a Scorpio Lady by Michelle Anne Noonan

The Devil in Modern Eden by Tom Graneau

ISBN 978-1490876368

318 Pages

Review by Alan Q

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Note from the Author

From a child, I wanted to be a good person, one who did everything morally right. But as I grew older, I failed to meet my expectations, not because of lack of trying, but because of internal conflict. Even after becoming a Christian, I struggled with the issues of right and wrong.

Today, as I look back on my journey through life, I see mistakes and failures that continually remind me of my flaws.

Throughout the years, I wondered about the mental conflicts that sway people to do one thing when they want to do something else. Even Paul, the great apostle to the Jews and Gentiles, grappled with the same issues (Romans 7: 19). This is a contradiction both in theory and practice. Yet, we all face the challenge each day, often neglecting to do what is right for something more appetizing to the flesh.

I have since learned that that man's sinful nature constantly drives him to do things for pleasure. And the Devil, man’s greatest adversary, seeks occasion to further exacerbate the problem with temptations.

Curious About My Natural Disposition

Facing my own demons, I studied my adversary (Satan) and discovered that he is just as real as God himself. More poignantly, he lives in our world (Modern Eden) attempting to dictate all human affairs. He does it through greed, opulence, fame, money, and desire for power.

Essentially, the battle between God and Satan that started many years ago over Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is not over. Satan wants to destroy every human soul, just for spite.

No one is safe from the Devil’s reach, not even Christians. His primary target is the church. This explains part of the confusion we see in most spiritual denominations today. Instead of the church being the salt of the earth and the light of the world, as Jesus indicates in Matthew 5:13-14, it’s being influenced by the world, which is the Devil’s doing.

The Book

The Devil in Modern Eden is written primarily for Christians. It depicts the triangulated relationship with God, Satan, and man. The topic is uncommon, thought-provoking, and spiritually enlightening.

My Optimism

I hope that after reading the book, you will learn about the diabolic nature of the Devil. More so, you will be elevated to a higher spiritual level in your relationship with God.

I wish you all the best in your spiritual walk with God.

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