Book Talk: The Pearl of Great Price: An Interfaith Journey by Annette Buchanan Phillips PhD

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As pearl connects with depth and stability emanating from its source, it symbolizes wisdom, loyalty, confidence, and intelligence. In matters of spirituality—it bespeaks faith, truth, and heaven. Annettes's Pearl of the Great Price brings to her readers a compilation of sermons and relevant writings on spirituality.

An advocate for God-consciousness and spiritual enlightenment, Annette espouses in this book discourses on seeking for the Divine Supreme Being, the essence of acceptance of man's ultimate existence and his relationship with the Intelligent Creator, and the truth about what is acceptable before God's sight.

The author showcases passages for the readers to reflect and relate to their understanding. Annette highlights the Supreme Being's qualities: being omniscient (all-knowing), omnipresent (everywhere at once), omnipotent (all-powerful). The presence of God's creations attests to His vast knowledge, inimitable ways, and unparalleled power.

Interestingly, this naked truth confronts us as echoed by the author: "It seems sometimes the closer one strives to live like Christ, or any holy example as he was, the graver the trials and suffering; the temptations more and more alluring." And the devotees would get what they wished for: salvation towards the Kingdom in Heaven and the secured afterlife.

To follow Christ is not as difficult as most people think it does for as long as they keep track of nurturing their higher self or divine connection. If one engages more in imitating Christ-like goodness with divine consciousness, the more he will become his best or ideal self. She adds that believers and seekers of Godly wisdom should refrain from indulging in activities and practices that deviate from their genuine faith.

One of the chief features of Annette's book is the intimate narrative of her hands-on observation of the different world religions from Sabaen, Hindu, Jewish, Christian to Buddhism and Islam, to name a few. The chronicle of her interfaith odyssey, which spans years, depicts her adventurous spiritual journey as a wholesome and enlightening experience.

The Kingdom of Heaven may be unreachable to some people, but with man's search for salvation and finding the place where he could worship God in truth and spirit—that elusive pearl is theirs for the taking.

The Pearl of Great Price: An Interfaith Journey by Annette Buchanan Phillips PhD


Publication date: ‎October 4, 2019

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Annette Buchanan Phillips PhD

From the author

I wrote the Pearl of Great Price, because I love God in All His aspects. I wanted to know more about Him than I ever thought of Him while attending the church of my birth. The Church of the Living God, the Pillar, and Ground of the Truth, Which He Purchased With His Own Blood, Incorporated. It was founded by a woman. It still has female and male leadership.

I am an ordained and licensed Minister, first ordained by the Ministry of Salvation. This book is my spiritual journey of experience seeking God. It is to exalt Him and magnify His name in all the Earth. I quote many texts including the Torah, Bible, and the Holy Quran. I am born Pentecostal, but I have had an Interfaith Kabbalist experience.

I hope you enjoy the book.

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