Book Talk: The Ronin Affair by Adrianne Summer

Sensual Whispers: A Poetry Collection from a Scorpio Lady by Michelle Anne Noonan

There's a well-known saying that goes, "love knows no bounds" —and whether we admit it or not, popular culture has made this mentality the mold for many of the expectations we see in prose.

Author Adrianne Summer reintroduces this idea in the modern world with The Ronin Affair, a steamy romance novel intertwining 40-year old businessman Ronin Jackson and feisty, independent young woman Solis Monroe.

After a messy argument with his wife, Ronin finds himself enchanted with Solis in a chocolate shop, where she's working minimum wage to spend her days. Much like the store their love affair begins with, their relationship soon turns into a tempting and sweet, but oh-so guilty pleasure.

A secret love is a tale as old as time, as we've seen lovers go through the test of fate since Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet and Stephanie Meyer's Twilight. Not all of us would go as far as to pair up with a married man almost twice our age, Summer injects Ronin and Solis with a grounded relatability that make for fleshed out characters we can grow to love and understand.

Through their tumultuous and enigmatic love affair that transcends age and time, the duo risks everything to prove that love, indeed, knows no bounds. We watch them undergo the necessary changes and sacrifices that strengthen their relationship yet make it all the more difficult.

As readers, we can't help but see the crystal clear image of the two lovebirds - we may not understand nor accept them, but we can understand the psyche of why this happens to even the best of people. Serving as Summer's debut novel, it's an inviting tale for an up-and-coming author who's set to draw our heartstrings and make us see more romantic perspectives in the future.

At the end of the read, there's a bittersweet climax and conclusion that comes with The Ronin Affair. Though we may have romanticized the idea that "love knows no bounds," the novel shows that love perhaps does have its bounds - no matter how hard we try to make it differently. Though it's an earth-shattering epiphany, it's through overcoming these bounds when we realize who we are and our own capacity to love.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" Was not too sure of a story about a 40-year-old man wooing an underage girl. But they both needed real unselfish love in different ways. I could not put this book down! I had smiles and tears all through this roller coaster! Can’t wait for Adrienne’s next book!"

Linda M Patrick, Amazon Reader's Review

" So good!!! This book really had me up till the wee hours of the morning to see what happened next, story was very exciting, detailed and had me on a roller coaster of emotions about the characters! Great read and highly recommend"

Fatiah, Amazon Reader's Review

" I really enjoyed reading this book! All the characters are very complex. I fell in love with the main characters! The chapters are very short so it made it easy to read in a relatively short time. I am really looking forward to Adrienne’s next book!"

Amazon Reader's Review

" I don't usually write reviews, but this was an amazing book. Full of characters that I could really identify with and understand."

—Nico S., Amazon Reader's Review

Sensual Whispers: A Poetry Collection from a Scorpio Lady by Michelle Anne Noonan

The Ronin Affair by Adrianne Summer

ISBN 978-1796087895

212 Pages

Review by Bianca Kimber

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About the Author

Adrianne Summer is an author with a pen for the feeling, excitement, and mystery of romance. Be it a risqué, taboo, or forbidden romance, with lovers who steam up the pages with a sensuality; that teases the mind and pleases the senses. Or a lighthearted romance; with the innocent sweetness of new love. Adrianne's strong African American and multi-ethnic characters like her writing are real and unexpected. The Ronin Affair is her debut novel.

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