Book Talk: Vana's Adventure with Mother Earth by Dana Petrovic

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Children, naturally endowed with a curious mind, who love to explore nature's wonders, are in for a special treat in this highly stimulating book that calls for the youngsters a taste of fun and adventure.

Vana is a young girl who enjoys her visits to the farm of her grandmother. While she appreciates the bustling city that boasts of skyscrapers, dazzling lights, and all, she always welcomes the feel of the countryside, her favorite retreat next to her home. So naturally, Vana could not help but be enchanted by the chickens and laying of their eggs and bewitched by the friendly deep-brown eyes of the cows. But what draws her to these homey environs comes from the freshly served breakfast of eggs, homemade cured bacon, fruit juice, and hot bread with some delectable jam and homemade pies out of the produce from the fruit-bearing trees in the backyard.

One fine, sunny spring morning, Vana goes through the orchard grove and feels excited as there is still a section that she has not explored yet, worth looking over. Journal and pencil in hand, she takes in the array of trees in full blossom. And much to her delight, the wind blows softly, and the flowers fall off the trees turning into a blanket of pinkish and snowy blossoms covering the ground. Lying flat on the back, entranced by the scent, she closed her eyes and relished the feel of sweet-smelling petals lingering on her forehead down to her cheeks.

Vana stopped from her reverie by a soft, welcoming voice and awe-struck to see a beautiful woman with a warm smile. Our young heroine learns that this wholesome figure is Mother Earth, who wishes to invite her on a journey to her castle and other parts and meet her friends.

Vana's Adventure with Mother Earth depicts an animated illustrative narrative that gets the curious-seekers captivated by her knack for storytelling. How author Petrovic weaves her tale, in turn, will resonate well with the young minds who are thirst-craved in their wonders of why things happen the way they do. This novel not only satiates the youngsters but also serves as a guide or reminder to anyone who wishes to have a hand in preserving Mother Earth.

Want to know nature-filled places, precious objects, and other creations that feel neglected and abused by humans? As the readers read through the narrative account, you will appreciate how this author spins the seemingly intricate pattern of things affecting humans and the balance of the life cycle into a simple, more understandable discourse—to the delight of young and adult alike.

Catch the rest of this vibrant and insightful Vana's Adventure with Mother Nature. After you take the tour with them, meeting the friends from the tiny creatures on the ground, the flying insects to the gigantic mammal, the more you appreciate the role each has to carry. Likewise, the woods, landforms, bodies of water have stories to tell. And we, humans, who are far superior to these creations, as Petrovic elucidates--have the common sense to keep everything fit.

This captivating animated tale with illustration, a one-of-a-kind, is, without a doubt, worth adding to your collection.

Vana's Adventure with Mother Earth


Publication date: ‎ August 14, 2015

Note: Now Available: Click here

Dana Petrović grew up in Croatia but left at the age of 19. She lived for 25 years abroad - Italy, Germany, Belgium - spending most of her time in Germany, where she completed her Ph.D. studies. Today Dana, despite cherishing her experiences in China and Southeast Asia, still calls Crikvenica, Croatia, her home.

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