Book Talk: Walking on a Moonbeam: And Other Views from the Creek Bank by Bill McDonald

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If a shimmering sunset casts a magic spell to the delight of the artists, the flickering moonbeam glows in the dark that beckons a lover's moonlight tryst.

Bill McDonald's Walking on a Moonbeam is the author's first collated book of poems—so befitting and aptly titled—which he created when he was at the helm of working on the moon project as an engineer in the US Space and National Defense programs. He regarded the program that landed the first man on the moon, the culmination of the pinnacle of his feat as a scientist, reflected in one of his poems—"The Greatest Adventure."

The 21-poem selections illustrate the author's personal experience ranging from his youth, adventures, love, seasons, change, hope, places and things, farewells, and prayer—all these are the springboard for his poetic expressions.

The flow of his thoughts and the organization of thematic elements portray the recollection of his insights and well-lived life. Bill uses the AABB and ABAB rhyme and some free verse that he deemed fit depending on the subject matter. His poems may not have the symbolism and imagery for their literary device. As with other poem renditions, Bill's compassion and honest revelation of his countenance are thoroughly touching—a fresh stroke of his identity as a poet. Some of his poems have repeated assertions that depict his plea that reverberates from his soul. Readers will appreciate the author's chronicles of challenges, love, hope, and the quest for joyful living.

Bill McDonald's Walking on a MoonBeam is a well-thought-of book. He makes an emphatic introduction detailing a backstory; the readers get enlightened looking through the author's past, longings, dreams, and insights.

Interestingly, this poetic creation comes with quotes and messages from notable poets, authors, philosophers, and spiritual sources. The readers will welcome reading the insights from these renowned thinkers before each poem section—that serve as a prelude to the poem compositions. And to highlight everything, as pictures paint a thousand words, impressive black and white nature photos complement this awe-inspiring book.

What a remarkable journey through the chronicles of his life experience— Walking on a Moonbeam is a leisure and easy reading worthy of your time.

Walking on a Moonbeam: And Other Views from the Creek Bank


80 Pages

Publication date: ‎ June 22, 2017

Note: Now Available: Click here

About Bill McDonald

Born in Coffeeville, Mississippi, and raised by his grandparents on a farm nearby. Bill is now retired after working as an engineer/scientist for nearly 50 years in America's space and national defense programs. During his career as an engineer, he sometimes wrote poetry capturing his feelings and emotions about his life's important events, activities, and circumstances. His first book, Walking on a Moonbeam, captures these poems in a single coherent volume.

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