Book Talk: War Lost Game Over: The Beginning of the End of Western Civilization By Lewis Lambert

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The atrocities of war caused by acts of terrorism worldwide are of greater magnitude, which impacts an unprecedented fashion; yet, the key leaders of the Western world and moderate Arab nations seemed to disengage in their war to wipe out radical Islamic Fundamentalists.

Author Lambert unfolds his military experience and weaves a fictional narrative based on true-to-life world events that showcase his insights into overt and covert intelligence operations. How these civilian and military operatives take their lives, war experience, and hindsight to the fore to gain ground in counteracting terrorist activities in Europe and the United States and their heroic efforts would leave something to the reader’s imagination.

War Lost Game Over: The Beginning of the End of Western Civilization kicks off with the lead character, James Cole McKenzie or JC, to his friends and colleagues, whose story intertwined with a rollercoaster ride from the present time of facing retirement from the army after 20 years of service to his late years in university where he met his first love, what it was then and fast-forward to the present with its twists and turns.

Going over JC’s pleasing personality, impressive academic and sterling military credentials, well-versed in Koran and the Bible, and fluent in the Arabic language, one could say he stood a chance in all aspects of his life. But one thing he seemed not to win over is his relationship with Gabrielle, his love in his early 20s. Her parents, belonging to Orthodox Jewish descent, disapprove of their love affair. After several years of separation, he thought there is no chance to rekindle whatever their love may bring. As luck would have it, he got an invitation to attend his 10-year class reunion and met her. A brief interlude to his rather remarkable career at the National Security Agency and Gabrielle, a lawyer, JC resigned to the idea that there is no future for them to be together.

As with a touch of military intricacies in the battle of extremities--espionage, classified top secret, counterinsurgency--readers get to know what it feels like to be in the scene. For those who crave action-packed adventure, which encompasses highly evolved operations, strategies, and technical warfare, avid curiosity-seekers would embrace this story with fun and an exhilarating experience. But what makes Lambert’s narrative different from the usual war stories is how the characters, especially JC, overcome the obstacles and choose what matters most in the end as he welcomes his retirement into a meaningful chapter of his life. Lambert’s detailed description of every historic world event as it happened and how he interlaced it in the story would undoubtedly spellbind the readers to continue reading until the end.

Would there be another chance for our hero to fall in love again? War Lost Game Over, the fifth among Lambert’s novels since he began writing in 2002, is equally compelling. It is up for grabs to know the rest of the story as additional members of his family—what a surprise for him— adds color to his celebrated life. A leisure reading, you would find this book worthy of adding to your collection.

War Lost Game Over: The Beginning of the End of Western Civilization by Lewis Allen Lambert

272 pages


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Lewis Allen Lambert is a retired officer whose military experience provides an insight into both overt and covert intelligence operations. He uses his knowledge to craft a fictional account of real-world events. This is Lambert’s fifth novel depicting fictional heroes fighting real-life adversaries. Lambert earned a BA from the University of Maryland, a BS from Southern Illinois University, and an MA from the University of Northern Colorado. He resides in Texas with his wife, Danielle Marie Lambert.

Notes from the author

The Reason I Wrote ‘War Lost Game Over’

For most of the decade prior to the pandemic, refugees from the Middle East flowed into many European countries. The governments of these countries permitted the flood of unvetted men and women, often welcoming them with free housing, free medical services, and free education. It was soon apparent that a significant number of these refugees were Islamic extremists committed to jihad. At first, the host governments did little to thwart the rise of extremism and did nothing to protect their citizens. After numerous terrorist attacks resulted in death and destruction, several governments attempted to root out terrorist cells. This belated military reaction was taken despite government elites whose indecisiveness was directly related to their indifference over events in the Middle East.

I wrote this action/romantic novel to highlight these events, during which time I became convinced that Europe as we know it was in trouble. It was on a path toward losing its culture, its religion, and its western values. The pandemic is only an intermission to an inevitable Muslim takeover of Europe. Even if the violence doesn’t return, the fact that European birthrates have declined and refugee birthrates are five and six times higher, Muslims will probably control the political, economic, and judicial institutions in some European countries by 2040.

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