Book Talk: Emergence by Fran Bailey

Book Talk: Emergence by Fran Bailey_The BookWalker

The world that we live in is designed to pull our focus and disconnect us from ourselves. We interrupt our own energy flow to give way to the barrage of information and distractions presented to us all day, every single day. As a result, we feel the pain that is oftentimes unexplained; we are unfulfilled and often overwhelmed.

Emergence: Reveal Your Essence, a book by Fran Bailey, invites us to shift our energies. It reveals ways in which we can re-establish a connection to our own body, mind, heart, and spirit. Bailey is a trained dancer and experienced healer who uses energy and movement to transform the body, mind, and soul. She teaches her readers as she has taught her students all over the world to become aware of habits and patterns and how these affect how we process our experiences. Do we choose to resist or embrace the opportunities that life offers?

Bailey also introduces us to the SHEVA Method of Emergence (Seeking Harmony in Energy Voice and Action). It is a method for grounding and connecting with our authentic energy. Often we are distracted by who we are told to be and what we are conditioned to want. Through the SHEVA Method, Bailey teaches us the tools to let go of "what should be" and free us from the traps that we have set for ourselves and empower us to enjoy life as it is.

Emergence: Reveal Your essence is an opportunity to get to know your own energy, rediscover who you are, and use your energy to manifest what you truly desire. When you let your body, mind, and soul to collaborate as it is meant to be, self-healing happens. This book is for those who are held back, in pain, and are seeking to re-align and refocus.

Reviews and What Readers Say

" The book moves quickly and, at just over a hundred pages, is a swift read. Readers interested in investigating the idea of energy centers in the body can take it all in, chapter by chapter, chakra by chakra, quite easily. And the guide’s overall positive nature (along with the brightly colored pages) makes the experience a pleasant one."

— Kirkus Reviews

" A treasure."

— Carla Palmer, The BookWalker

Book Talk: Emergence by Fran Bailey_The BookWalker

Emergence by Fran Bailey

106 Pages

ISBN 978-1982224028

Review by Krystle Manis

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Fran continually expresses herself through her heart and is passionate about exploring ways to enrich our life experience. She is committed in seeking how to most effectively engage the mind, body, heart, and spirit to experience harmony in energy, voice, and action via The SHEVA Method. Her book, Emergence: Reveal Your Essence lays the groundwork for understanding the energetic systems within the body and their profound impact on our lives day-to-day.