Holy Kings, Holy Queens, Holy Royalties by Gaby Kool 

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Step into a world of royalty like never before in Gaby Kool’s illuminating collection, Holy Kings, Holy Queens, Holy Royalties Volume I. In this captivating exploration, Kool transcends the stereotypes of entitled rulers, unveiling a tapestry of leaders who turned to Jesus for guidance, leading their kingdoms in alignment with God’s divine will.

Drawing inspiration from a deep fascination with Catholic saints, Kool delves into the lives of eight royal leaders and Catholic saints, each exemplifying humility, kindness, faithfulness, and an unwavering love for God. These luminaries serve as beacons of faith in one of the most powerful positions on earth, challenging readers to reconsider their perception of royalty.

From Saint Louis IX, King of France, who showed kindness to lepers and beggars, to Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus, whose strong relationship with God paved the way for his pivotal role in the Savior’s development, this collection unveils the lesser-known details of their headship and steps of faith.

Holy Kings, Holy Queens, Holy Royalties Volume I not only educates but inspires, prompting readers to reflect on the qualities they wish to embody in their own lives. Kool’s storytelling captivates, making this collection a compelling read for those seeking a deeper understanding of leadership rooted in faith and divine guidance.

Holy Kings, Holy Queens, Holy Royalties Volume II now available, click here.

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The BookWalker Holy Kings, Holy Queens and Holy Royalties by Gaby Kool

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