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What is a book ad Placement Campaign?

It's a fully managed campaign

Simply Explained: The Book Ad Placement Campaign is a three-fold managed marketing and branding campaign targeting readers, retailers & media influencers.


It runs for one year!

The added components of App Listing, SMS Advertising and the One-Pager make the program a six-fold marketing and branding campaign! + Publicist Representation.

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How It Works

A managed campaign. Runs for one year. In stages
tage 1 The BookWalker Book Ad Campaign

One of the most common mistakes in book promotion is running a marketing campaign when branding is needed and vice versa.  Don’t run a marketing campaign when the intention is to create a brand or run a branding campaign and expect marketing results.

Stage 1 is about building your brand and finding your readers. Your brand— is your promise to your readers. It is the emotional resonance that readers will have when they discover your book or hear your name. Stage 1 is where we build your reader’s mailing list.

Stage 1 is the ‘ anchor down ‘ stage. First, you need to know who your people are, find them, and build relationships. This is understanding the psychographics of your readers. Who are those readers that would align with the book?  What would your book mean to them?  And how likely would they buy the book? Why? Because not all books are for everyone.  We can’t skip this stage.

Discovery is a major issue for every author, even for the heavily funded and traditionally published books.

88% of book discovery happens online. Discovery means how your readers find your book and then make the decision to buy/read the book. Having visibility leads to book discovery.

Stage 1 requires time to define and find who your ideal readers are, but it will be worth it. When you know more about your readers, you can genuinely connect with them in a way they can relate to your book’s message. We can’t skip this stage.

Run time: 3-4 months

Stage 2 The BookWalker Book Ad Campaign

While bookstores are responsible for selling books, marketing them is not their job.  Usually, bookstores and retailers would ask, What kind of support will they get from authors for the sell-through?” Have you ever wondered why some books are shelved and others are not? Stage 1 builds the support bookstores need—the author’s built-in audience.

Stage 2 is a repeat of stage 1 + a pitch to retailers and media influencers.  Retailers & intermediary distributors are interested to know if a book has the coverage and reach. While independent bookstores are a supportive community that genuinely cares about the book industry, they can’t do it all for the love of books.  We need to support them too! Stage 2 is where we continue to grow your reader’s mailing list.

Run Time: 3-6 months

Stage 3 The Book Ad Campaign Version

Now that the stages have been set, the formal work of our publicists can begin. The publicist’s role is to secure media coverage for your book, draft pitch letters, and tap their connections in broadcast offices, newsrooms, social media influencers (book bloggers, reviewers), and literary agencies.

Stage 3 is a repeat of Stages 1 & 2 + publicist representation. Much of what publicists do is invisible to the authors they work with; a lot of work happens behind the scenes. The value is in the publicist’s media network. Success depends on the quality of the book and the publicist’s ability to ‘sell’ your story—this ‘story’ is not necessarily your book’s. It can be your personal story. Still, it also depends on the publicist’s relationships with the people they’re pitching to. A big part of their job is cultivating genuine relationships with people in the media and influencers.

The publicist’s primary role is to secure media coverage for your book. They do this by drafting pitch letters and tapping and leveraging their connections in broadcast offices, newsrooms, and social media. Depending on your genre, this could involve targeting newspapers, niche magazines, online publications, retailers, blogs, radio, or even TV programs.

Run Time: 6-8 months

Meet [Y]Our Readers

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Building Relationship Is What We Do

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Start Today: Book Easy

We are so confident the Book Ad Campaign paired with the One-Pager will boost your book’s discoverability and sales that we give the guarantee you’ll let our publicist work on your next book or project!

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The Campaign at a Glance

Awesomeness rating from our clients
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Storyline_Services_The BookWalker

Blogs give authors the opportunity to build reader’s awareness. Being in the blogosphere is more potent than TV sound bites. More dramatic. Less expensive. Build it right!

Email Marketing_Services_The BookWalker

This is not the ordinary generic-type email marketing. It’s a 10-drip relationship-building email series sent to pre-identified active subscribers base on your readers psychographics. Let’s build your reader mailing list!

For many readers, receiving texts is their preferred way of communicating. 86% of readers say that SMS is a good way for book promo/offers to get their attention.

APP_Services_The BookWalker

Reach your readers wherever they are, when they want it, when they need it, and just when they want to look for their next read! It’s a forward advertising 24/7, 365. Readers swipe right and it’s a date!

Placement_Service_The Bookwalker

‘Who’ reads your book matter.  It’s a matter of finding the right ‘ influencer’ to read your book and to ‘influence’ them to ‘talk’ about the book. A highly regarded note to an established ‘contact’ improves the ratings.

The One Pager_Service_The BookWalker

The One-Pager is your optimized microsite. It is your Book Sales Funnel + A.I.-Aided CRM designed to convert a readers’ inquiry into a purchase. The One-Pager has a built-in advertising! Managed by a media manager to monitor traffic, marketing performance, and conversion. Read more here.


RSVP NOW: $4,850

Book Now: Discounted Rate $2,939

That’s a one-time fee of $2,939 for one full year of advertising and marketing!

That’s us — supporting your work. + Representation by a publicist — on the house.

Limited Space: PUBLICIST's Representation


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Quick Review

Before you enroll your book in the campaign, please review below;

  1. Service Type: Full Management Campaign: Book Ad Placement + APP Listing + SMS Advert + the One-Pager Book Sales Funnel (twelve months free ) + campaign management and representation by a publicist (twelve months representation)Rate is per title.
  2. Your start date: For broader coverage/reach, The Book Walker reserves the right to alter the advertising schedule when and as necessary—simply because we are responsible for our performance too!
  3. The expected turnaround time to live date is approximately 30-65 working days—partly because this is not a generic campaign—a publicist and or media manager is involved! Lots of behind-the-scenes preparations—and reading your book before pitching is one of them.

Complete Process here

We reserve the right to reject submissions/orders that don’t follow our guidelines. Books we don’t accept include:

  • Content that unjustifiably and insensitively describes sexual or violent exploitation of children.
  • Content that promotes violence or hatred against people based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, disease, age, sexual orientation, gender, or gender identity.

To place an order, please click the button below

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  3. You’re all set!

Or scroll down and below and use the Smart Payment buttons.  If you have questions, please let us know:

Anniversary Special: $2,939 + Publicist Representation for 12 months!

PUBLICIST's FEES WAIVED: $3,200/month. It's on us!

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