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Book Talk by The BookWalker The London Girls by Soraya M. Lane

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The London Girls by Soraya M. Lane

London, 1941. The Blitz. When a Royal Navy memo arrives at head office, requesting female recruits to sign up as motorcycle dispatch riders, delivering highly classified orders across the country, three women jump at the chance to sign up for the most dangerous jobs in London.

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From the bestselling author of The Last Correspondent comes a remarkable story of three young women who defy the bombs to do their bit for Britain. Will they survive the dark streets of London to see the Allies win the war?

During the Blitz in 1941, a Royal Navy memo calls for female recruits to become motorcycle dispatch riders, delivering highly classified orders across the country.  Olivia, who grew up riding motorcycles with her brothers, feels it’s her duty to join up while the thrill of adventure draws Ava.  Having lost her family in the air attacks, Florence steps up to help others. As bombs fall, these three brave women build a sisterhood, facing down those who object to their service.   As their connection grows ever stronger, they dare not consider the terrifying reality that one night, Florence’s ambulance may be rescuing someone she loves.

In The London Girls, Lane brings to life the lives of Ava Williamson, a daring young woman driven by her desire for freedom, Olivia Blakely, an independent gal using her motorcycle skills to support the war effort, and Florence Hughes, a scarred ambulance driver who lost her family during the bombings.

With expressive and rich prose, Lane skillfully portrays the characters’ bravery, courage, and sacrifices. The plot is a tender tale of life, love, loss, and the importance of female friendships. This absorbing rollercoaster ride of emotions showcases the hard work and danger involved in being one of the chosen female dispatch riders who transported top-secret military information around the UK during WWII.

Overall, The London Girls is a memorable, poignant story that captivates readers from the first page to the last. Lane’s wonderful portrayal of the characters and their struggles will leave readers hopeful and inspired. This book is a must-read for anyone who loves historical fiction and a beautifully written story of strength, courage, and resilience.

“The London Girls is one of those stories that grabs you by the heart and doesn’t let go until long after you’ve turned the last page. On the surface, it’s a story about friendship, but as the pages turn, it becomes so much more. It’s a story about doing things no one believed you were capable of, about finding the courage to ignore the naysayers and make sacrifices for causes bigger than yourself. I promise, you’ll love Ava, Olivia, and Florence, three women who, under the most trying circumstance, find out what they’re made of.” —Barbara Davis, bestselling author of The Keeper of Happy Endings

BookTalk With Soraya M Lane The London Girls


Soraya M. Lane graduated with a law degree before realizing that law wasn’t the career for her and that her future was in writing. She is the author of historical and contemporary women’s fiction, and her novel Wives of War was an Amazon Charts bestseller.

As a child, Soraya dreamed of becoming an author, recreating the types of stories she devoured day and night. Fast forward more than a few years, and Soraya is now living her dream. Working as a full-time author, she writes every day around her other job of being a mom to two little boys. Soraya describes being an author as “the best career in the world,” she hopes to be writing for many years to come.

Soraya lives on a small farm in her native New Zealand with her husband, their two young sons and a collection of four legged friends. When she’s not writing, she loves to be outside playing make-believe with her children or snuggled up inside reading.

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Representation — Laura Bradford, Bradford Literary Agency


“Olivia, Ava, and Florence will steal your heart in this story about friendship, courage, and love. With stunning imagery, historical detail, and a clever plot, The London Girls is a book not to be missed. I couldn’t put it down!”
— Andie Newton, USA Today bestselling author of The Girls from the Beach.

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